A grey-haired woman

A grey-haired woman (Photo by Ground Picture on Shutterstock)

Grey hair is no longer seen solely as a sign of aging but also as a glamorous and fashionable choice. If you’ve embraced the silver fox or silver vixen within, you’ll want a shampoo that pampers and enhances those gorgeous gray tresses. The best shampoos for grey hair work their magic with unmatched finesse to keep your color vibrant and healthy.

What makes these formulas so fantastic, you ask? Well, it’s all about color care and maintenance. These shampoos are specially formulated to neutralize any yellow or brassy tones that can plague grey hair. They not only cleanse and nourish your locks but also leave them looking as if you’ve just stepped out of a chic salon. Your hair will feel softer than a kitten’s fur and look shinier than a newly minted silver dollar.

Grey hair is a result of the gradual loss of melanin, the pigment that gives hair its color. This loss can be caused by genetics, aging, or other factors such as stress or illness. While grey hair is a natural part of the aging process, it can sometimes appear dull, yellow, or brassy due to environmental factors, product buildup, or improper care.

Choosing the Best Shampoo for Grey Hair

When selecting a shampoo for grey hair, look for products that specifically address the concerns of grey strands. These shampoos typically contain:

  • Purple or blue pigments: These pigments counteract the yellow or brassy tones that can develop in grey hair, neutralizing unwanted hues and restoring a cool, ash-toned appearance.
  • Moisturizing ingredients: Grey hair tends to be dryer and more prone to breakage, so shampoos with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, or argan oil are essential to maintain moisture balance.
  • Sulfate-free formulas: Sulfates, harsh detergents commonly found in shampoos, can strip away natural oils, leaving grey hair dry and brittle. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos to preserve moisture and protect hair integrity.

Whether you’re rocking those silver strands and want to keep them looking stunning or just ready to embrace your true self, reach for one of our recommendations. StudyFinds has found the best grey hair shampoos. Which product do you currently use and how is it working for you? Share your experience in the comments!

A woman with grey, curly hair
A woman with grey, curly hair (Photo by Natasha Brazil on Unsplash)

The List: Best Shampoo for Grey Hair, Per Style Experts


1. Redken Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

Number one in the list of expert recommendations for the best shampoo for grey hairs is Redken Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo. “Almost 12,000 Amazon reviewers love this brash-banishing shampoo because it contains Redken’s ‘Triple Acid Protein complex’ to tone, strengthen and brighten strands,” writes Stylecaster.

Redken Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo
Redken Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

Your silver locks deserve some love. Get ready to pamper them like royalty with the ultimate grey hair shampoos. “The not-so-secret ingredient that makes the Redken Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo such a great choice for damaged hair types is citric acid. This active ingredient is a popular additive in hair care products since it balances the pH of hair, tames frizz, enhances shine, and reduces hair breakage by reinforcing damaged bonds all at once,” says Allure.

Curious about the science behind grey hair shampoo? Women’s Health consulted celebrity hair stylist, Christopher Naselli. “‘Purple shampoos are a good at-home solution in between services, but use with caution,’ says Naselli. ‘Once a week is all you need to combat the brass; overuse can leave a purple hue, and that isn’t a good look.’ He recommends this one, which is formulated with citric acid for strengthening. ‘It’s purple pigment is designed to remove any unwanted brassiness, leaving the hair shiny and bright with no yellow undertones,’” shares Women’s Health Mag.

2. Rene Furterer Okara Silver Toning Shampoo

Number two in the list of expert recommendations is Rene Furterer Okara Silver Toning Shampoo. “Natural Okara extract helps brighten platinum, gray and silver hair. The gentle, silicone-free cleansing formula is fragrance-free for those sensitive to scents,” says Stylecaster.

Rene Furterer Okara Silver Toning Shampoo
Rene Furterer Okara Silver Toning Shampoo

Gray hair doesn’t have to be synonymous with frizz and dryness. Discover how these magical shampoos can transform your locks into a silky, sleek wonder. “The magic of René Furterer’s Okara Silver Toning Shampoo comes from two ingredients: violet pigments, which neutralize yellow undertones for a cool-toned finish, and the shampoo’s signature Okara extract. This extract is rich in amino acids, a molecular compound that strengthens and fortifies hair,” writes Allure.

Ready to give your silver mane the spa treatment it deserves? “The best part about the Rene Furterer OKARA SILVER Toning Shampoo is that it works on every single tone of gray, which is really unique, Fitzsimons highlights. Not to mention, it adds shine to the hair, helping to preserve your gray’s vitality. ‘Just be sure to not use it daily,’ he instructs,” shares NYPost, with input from celebrity hair stylist, Andrew Fitzsimons.

3. Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde/Silver Brightening Daily Shampoo

Another great product to try is Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde/Silver Brightening Daily Shampoo. “Dullness be damned because the Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde/Silver Brightening Daily Shampoo will boost glossiness and shine in as little as one wash. This gentle yet effective formula can be used daily to tone hair as ethylhexylglycerin, a derivative of hydrating glycerin, replenishes moisture for high shine and smoothness,” says Allure.

Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde/Silver Brightening Daily Shampoo
Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde/Silver Brightening Daily Shampoo

Get ready to be swooned by the intoxicating fragrances of these hair care gems. “This gentle toning shampoo contains ethyl hexyl glycerin, a derivative of glycerin, to replenish hydration for the ultimate shine and smoothness,” says Stylecaster.

Ever wished for a shampoo that smells as divine as your favorite perfume? “Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde / Silver shampoo is our top pick for synthetic shampoos due to its excellent cleansing abilities and pleasant scent. This shampoo does an excellent job of both washing off any yellow staining as well as depositing a near-invisible dusting of purple (popular in products for gray hair nowadays) to leave your hair a neutral silver. Let’s break down some of the synthetic ingredients that make this shampoo so popular,” adds Us Magazine. “The low concentration of SLS allows Pure Blonde / Silver to be harsh enough to remove some staining without damaging your hair. Pure Blonde / Silver also contains the natural ingredient hydrolyzed wheat protein, a vegan protein that can mimic the natural protein in your hair to fill in any gaps or cracks in the hair strands. This helps fill your hair strands out, making them less prone to future staining.”

4. Better Not Younger Silver Lining Shampoo

Experts also love this brand’s formula. “Better Not Younger’s Silver Lining shampoo is a mostly natural purple shampoo that works wonders on all hair types, gray or not. While this is a purple shampoo, the focus is more on revitalizing your scalp and replacing lost moisture in your hair. Silver Lining does reduce brassy tones, but it’s not as immediately effective as some of the others on this list. This is because it’s designed for regular use instead of as a once-a-week addition to your haircare routine. The upside of using a gentler purple shampoo is that, because it’s for everyday use, the purple dye doesn’t need to be strong enough to last through multiple washes. This means you don’t have to worry about staining your hands or drying your hair out with harsh cleansers. Better Not Younger utilizes a combination of argan oil and bamboo to add shine and strength to your hair, while burdock root, hops, and sage provide a variety of naturally sourced vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. These can sink into your scalp and be absorbed by your hair producing cells. Think of it like a healthy smoothie, but for your hair follicles,” says Us Magazine.

Better Not Younger Silver Lining Shampoo
Better Not Younger Silver Lining Shampoo

Gray is the new black, and we’ve got the inside scoop on shampoos that’ll make your silver stand out in the best way. “Butler, who counts Claire Danes and Kate Upton as clients, adores Better Not Younger’s entire haircare line and suggests cleansing with their Silver Lining Purple Shampoo. He loves the texture and that the shampoo (and matching hair mask) is super moisturizing without being too heavy. Notably, he’s impressed that after using this product, the final hair tone is cool, bright, and overall, just perfect,” adds BestProducts.com.

Is it a shampoo or a fragrant dream? “This sulfate-free purple shampoo strengthens, volumizes and brightens silver and gray hair with bamboo, sage, hops and burdock root,” says Stylecaster.

5. L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo

Next up is L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo. “Speaking of Amazon reviews, a whopping 22,300 people have given this purple shampoo more than four stars. And at this price? It’s a no-brainer,” writes Stylecaster.

L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo
L’Oréal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo

Don’t just wash your hair—indulge it. “We at Allure always believe that a proper beauty routine can be executed with a slew of affordable picks, like L’Oréal Paris’s EverPure Purple Shampoo. This under-$10 shampoo is sulfate- and paraben-free and utilises hibiscus extract to act as a conditioning ingredient and a brass-counteracting dye,” shares Allure.

This hair potion will leave you smelling as divine as your hair looks. “Luckily, the main L’Oréal line we all know, and love sells an impressive purple shampoo designed with gray hair in mind. And with more than 13,430 five-star Amazon reviews and a budget-friendly price tag, we knew this product deserved a spot on our list. Whether rocking a head full of gray hair or sporting a salt-and-pepper look, this cheap shampoo has users covered,” says BestProducts.com.

6. Kérastase Blond Absolu Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo

Number six on the list is from a highly-reputable salon favorite. “Kérastase’s Blond Absolu Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo is a prestige best-seller that’s known for its brass-busting abilities, thanks to its indigo hue. It’s also worth mentioning that this formulation is spiked with hydrating hyaluronic acid to bind water into the hair cuticle, making it shinier and softer in the process,” adds Allure.

Kérastase Blond Absolu Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo
Kérastase Blond Absolu Anti-Brass Purple Shampoo

No more battling brassy tones! Gray hair, meet spa day. “There’s a reason this luxe shampoo has 4.6 stars on Amazon with more than 7,500 ratings. The concentrated blue and violet color-depositing pigments cancel out yellow undertones, while hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flower leave hair soft and strong,” shares Stylecaster.

Get ready to rock your natural silver? This is your backstage pass to hair stardom. “We don’t have to tell you again how good hyaluronic acid is for dry hair and skin. Because it holds the water in the strands, it adds moisture back into the hair, while also reducing frizz. The inclusion of edelweiss flower fills in damaged pieces of fibers, too, so each strand becomes stronger over time. Your hair will feel extra hydrated after using this Kérastase shampoo. But even with all these benefits, the main objective of this shampoo is still to neutralize any brassy or yellow tones in your gray hair. Something to keep in mind: It does contain sulfates, though, which can be harsh on fragile or damaged hair. But the brand recommends using it a maximum of three times a week, preventing you from overdoing it,” says Instyle.

7. SACHAJUAN Silver Shampoo

Last but not least, experts recommend using SACHAJUAN Silver Shampoo. Why? “One of my favorite parts of this product is that it has UV protection, which is a benefit to those with gray hair. Plus, it’s formulated with ocean silk technology — a duo of vitamin and mineral-rich cold water algae — to hydrate and add volume and shine,” writes NY Post.

Sachajuan Silver Shampoo
Sachajuan Silver Shampoo

Ready for a hair transformation? These shampoos are your go-to for making your grey hair simply irresistible. “Sachajuan’s ultraviolet Silver Shampoo is such a deep auberge purple that it almost looks black, and there’s a reason for that. Its dark violet pigment was developed specifically for white, gray, and silver hair colors to counteract brassiness for an icy-cool, vibrant finish. It’s also worth mentioning that this shampoo is also formulated with Sachajuan’s proprietary ocean silk technology, which is a combination of different algae that improve shine and malleability,” shares Allure.

Don’t just wash your hair; treat it like royalty with shampoos that deliver the ultimate grey hair care. “The deep purple hue of this shampoo makes for impressive toning and color boosting. It transformed our lighter shades of grey into dazzling white highlights. Unusually for such a power-packed toning shampoo it also didn’t leave a purple hue, even when used over a few concurrent washes – nor does it leave the dreaded blue nail effect or stain white tiles. It’s also great if you’re in a hurry as most toning shampoos need to be left on for a few minutes for the best effect, but with this you can just wash and go. If you’re a darker grey you’ll still enjoy the nourishing benefits and color boost but the effect won’t be as dramatic, so considering it’s a more costly option you might want to choose another of our favorites,” adds Independent.

Who is your favorite grey-haired icon? Leave a comment to let us know!

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    I’ve tried lots of different shampoos and conditioners. What works best for me is four drops of roman chammomile oil in a dollop of conditioner. Leaves my hair soft, non frizzy and a great colour.