A woman holding a razor

A woman holding a razor (Photo by Helen Barth on Unsplash)

Whether you’re prepping for a beach day or just want to feel extra fabulous in your PJs, you will want to enlist one of the best razors for women for the job to ensure that every inch of you is feeling its best. A quality razor can be a game-changer in your daily grooming routine, promising a smoother, more efficient shaving process. Plus, you skin will thank you!

Who says personal care can’t be fun and fashionable? StudyFinds has cultivated the recommendations from 12 beauty experts to create the ultimate list of the best razors for women. Have a personal favorite that didn’t make the cut? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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Someone shaving their legs
Someone shaving their legs (Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pixels)

The List: Best Razors for Women, According to Skincare Experts

1. Billie The Razor Starter Kit

Billie the Razor Start Kit
Billie the Razor Start Kit (mybillie.com)

The number one expert recommendation for the best women razors is none other than Billie The Razor Stater Kit. Let’s dive into the first razor that’s causing quite a buzz among women. If you’re searching for a razor that combines close shaves, user-friendliness, and a touch of style, Billie The Razor Starter Kit might be your perfect match. NY Times even goes as far as calling it one of the smoothest they’ve experienced.

Gone are the days of bulky, unattractive razors. Billie impresses with its sleek design and handy features like a built-in charcoal soap for lubrication and a rubbery grip for easy handling, as noted by CNN. NY Times also praises its unique magnetic wall mount, the only one they found that actually stays put.

Good Housekeeping highlights its effectiveness in various areas like legs and the pubic area, while also mentioning its aloe-infused strip for added skin hydration. However, they do caution that the strip can become sticky if not left on the magnetic holder after drying. This is also a super budget-friendly product. Smooth skin doesn’t have to break the bank.

2. Flamingo Razor

Flamingo Razor
Flamingo Razor

As we continue our quest for the perfect shave, it’s time to explore the five-blade razor from Flamingo and see if it lives up to its vibrant reputation. The Flamingo Razor takes a minimalist approach to design, but packs a punch with unique features that cater to both comfort and convenience.

What makes it stand out? CNN highlights its longer, contoured cartridge that flattens skin as you shave, providing more control, especially compared to simpler blade-only razors. They also commend the built-in hinge in the handle, allowing for a wider range of motion (up to 90 degrees) for easier shaving in tricky areas like underarms and legs. The non-slip grip and textured handle further enhance maneuverability.

NBC News reports that several satisfied users, including those with sensitive skin, find the Flamingo Razor comfortable, durable, and easy to use. They appreciate the smooth shave it delivers without needing shaving cream, and highlight its affordability as a major plus, especially with the option for refillable blades.

3. Schick Hydrosilk TrimStyle Razor

Could the secret to your smoothest shave yet be hidden in the features of our next razor? The Schick Hydrosilk Trim Style Razor isn’t just a razor; it’s a grooming sidekick that’s always up for an adventure.This one goes beyond your average razor, offering a convenient and versatile solution for hair removal across different areas. As Essence highlights, it boasts a dual-ended design: a 5-blade razor on one side for smooth shaving, and a waterproof electric trimmer on the other for precise bikini line shaping. This eliminates the need for multiple tools, streamlining your routine.

Best Products emphasizes its impressive user reviews, with many praising its effectiveness, safety, and versatility. One user even calls it “heaven-sent” for its ability to provide a close and safe bikini shave.

Do you dream of a razor that not only shaves but also pampers your skin? Marie Claire explains that the razor side caters to larger areas like legs and underarms, while the trimmer tackles delicate areas like the bikini line. It’s even battery-operated and showerproof for added convenience. With over 27,000 five-star reviews and users reporting it lasts up to a year, the Schick TrimStyle Razor offers both quality and value.

4. Gillette Venus Swirl

Gillette Venus Swirl
Gillette Venus Swirl

The Gillette Venus Swirl razor seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it kind of product, attracting strong opinions from users and reviewers alike. Both Telegraph and CNN agree that the Swirl provides a close and smooth shave. However, the much-hyped pivoting ball head receives mixed reviews. Telegraph reviewers finds it ineffective and distracting, while CNN simply notes its lack of added maneuverability even though the blade does result in a close shave.

The New York Times also reports a clear split among testers, with half loving the Swirl and the other half actively disliking it. While the close shave is praised, some users raise concerns about the swivel head causing the razor to feel bulky and the gel potentially clogging up if not stored properly. Additionally, the Swirl refill heads are more expensive than other Venus models.

So, if you have previously tried and liked a razor with a swivel ball design, this could be a great option for you. But, some people prefer the standard stationary handle.

5. Oui the People Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

Oui the People Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor
Oui the People Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor (Sephora.com)

Shaving just got a whole lot more exciting as we unveil the next razor that’s stealing the spotlight. The Oui the People Single Rose Gold Safety Razor stands out for its luxurious design and promise of an incredibly close shave. Oprah Daily reviewers likes its stylish stainless-steel design and comfortable weight, making it look and feel luxurious in hand.

Both CNN and Good Housekeeping emphasize its ability to deliver the closest and smoothest shave among the razors they tested. However, both sources warn of a learning curve due to its single blade design and sharpness. It requires more time and skill to master compared to traditional multi-blade razors. Also, with its premium design and included replacement heads, the Oui the People razor comes at a higher price point. Consider your budget and shaving needs before deciding if this luxurious splurge is the right fit for you.


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