Best Luxury Bathrobes: Top 6 Comfiest Brands Most Recommended By Experts

If you haven’t experienced the joy of wrapping yourself in one of the best luxury bathrobes, you’re missing out on a life-changing experience. These bathrobes are like a warm hug from a cloud, and they’ve taken cozy to a whole new level. Besides, there’s nothing better than putting on something soft and warm after stepping out of the shower.

It’s time to do something for yourself! Considering that 52 percent of people think they need more self-care daily, many of us could probably use a little indulgence in our bathroom routine. Adding a sprinkle of luxury to your daily tasks is as easy as throwing on a nice bathrobe. You can transform mundane showers into an at-home trip to the spa.

These robes come in various sumptuous materials, from velvety velour to silky satin, and they scream luxury. You’ll feel like royalty just sliding into one. The designs are as diverse as your taste, with options to suit every personality, from classic and understated to bold and vibrant. Luxury bathrobes can be as much a fashion statement as they are a comfortable loungewear item.

They’re not just for after a bath or shower; they’re a multipurpose piece of luxury. You can rock them during a spa day, while reading a good book, or even as a glamorous cover-up for lounging by the pool. Looking for the ultimate in comfort and style? StudyFinds has collected recommendations from experts on the best luxury bathrobes for your everyday pampering needs. But are these robes really worth the hype? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

A man wearing a bathrobe
A man wearing a bathrobe (Photo by Studio Romantic on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Luxury Bathrobes, According to Experts


1. Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe

Number one in the list of expert recommendations for the best luxury bathrobes is great for both men and women. “Lightweight and breathable, the Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe is the perfect robe for bringing that elevated spa feeling directly to your home. Designed using 100 percent organic cotton sourced and woven in Turkey, this airy waffle weave is comfortable while providing a chic and luxe look. The long length and unisex styling provides a roomy and adjustable fit, thanks to the double belt loops and tie. We love it for its fast-drying and absorbent qualities that make it ideal for post-shower relaxing,” says Travel and Leisure.

Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe
Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe

From lounging on a lazy Sunday to pampering yourself after a long day, this robe’s got you covered. “The classic spa robe…reinvented. Made from organic cotton with a waffle pattern, you’ll feel like you’re at the spa within your own home. Not to mention, it’s unisex so everyone can enjoy its comfort,” shares Oprah Daily.

Wondering how to bring a touch of spa-like luxury into your daily routine? “A robe that gets better and better with each wash? Yes, please. This waffle weave robe is an upgrade to your standard spa robe, offering perfect medium-weight and softness that lasts and lasts. Made of organic cotton sourced and woven in Turkey, the unisex style also has flattering double belt loops plus inseam pockets, another smart touch,” writes Byrdie.

2. L.L. Bean Flannel Bathrobes

This beloved brand has a few different luxe robes that experts say are must-haves. Byrdie likes L.L. Bean’s flannel robe for men. Why? “L.L.Bean’s Flannel Robe accomplished a rare feat — it was lightweight yet exceptionally warm. The brand nails the classic style with plaid patterns in eight vibrant shades. Even after washing, the colors looked just as bright, and there was no lint or piling either. Another bonus is that the brand makes this in tall sizes as well, making it a great fit for all.”

L.L. Bean's flannel robe for men
L.L. Bean’s flannel robe for men (

The same robe is also available for women. No spa day required – these bathrobes bring the spa experience right to your home, whether you’re sipping tea or reading a book. “When you’re looking for the warmest thing possible to wear on a frigid winter morning, look no further than this flannel L.L. Bean option. Made from Portuguese cotton flannel, it’s designed to keep you cozy and warm while also being breathable so you don’t have to worry about overheating,” says Country Living.

Ever wondered why these robes feel like a warm bear hug and look like a million bucks? NY Mag also loves their flannel robes. “For a full-on Fargo outfit, L.L. Bean is the way to go. (The company was name-checked twice by our panel.) As a native upstater, photographer Ysa Pérez considers warmth a requirement — the Wicked Plush is her pick for that very reason; it makes her feel as if she’s wrapped in a blanket. This plaid flannel option, meanwhile, is a favorite of dancer and consultant Eva Alt, who borrows it from her boyfriend on occasion because it’s insanely warm,” writes NY Mag.

3. UGG

UGG doesn’t just make cozy boots, their robes are to die for too. “The UGG Duffield II is everything you could want in a robe: it’s warm and cozy, luxurious without being overpowering, pocketed, and easy to wash. The exterior of the robe has a soft jersey finish while the inside, cuffs, and lapels get the fleece treatment, for a look that is inviting us to stay in bed all day long.  For added style measure, the robe has a slightly swooping high-low design for extra length in the back. The robes are comfortably sized in standard XS-XL sizes and a substantial number of colors. We’d describe the fit as more slim-fitting, but trust us when we say there is no compromise in comfort,” writes Homes and Gardens.

The UGG Duffield II
The UGG Duffield II (

Why wait for a special occasion to pamper yourself? These bathrobes are the everyday indulgence you’ve been missing. “As a rule, when you see the name Ugg, your brain automatically thinks of comfort. This robe is no different, featuring a silky double-face fleece knit, a shawl collar hood, and pockets. While lounging in the Miranda robe, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a blanket, but in a more sophisticated way than, say, a Snuggie. Plus, it’s light enough to pack in a suitcase should you be traveling to a hotel where a robe isn’t waiting for you in the closet,” says CN Traveler

For a longer robe, try the Marlow robe. “Are you surprised that Ugg makes a ridiculously warm and comfortable robe? Neither are we. This soft fleece option is made of polyester, so it’s machine-washable and low-maintenance. It comes in colors and prints you won’t find from many other brands, and it pairs extremely well with cozy house slippers, but you already knew that,” shares Glamour.

4. Brooklinen

Experts also love robes from Brooklinen. For another unisex option, “Brooklinen’s super-plush robe is just like its top-rated towels that have the same name: They’re both made of soft Turkish cotton that gets better the longer you wear them. The robe has wide sleeves, functional cuffs, and roomy pockets. For the high quality at a sub-$100 price, it’s no wonder this style consistently sells out,” says Glamour.

Brooklinen's super-plush robe
Brooklinen’s super-plush robe (

From leisurely mornings with a cup of tea to evenings by the fireplace, these bathrobes redefine comfort. Oprah Daily recommends the checkerboard robe. “Who knew bathrobes could be so stylish? The colors offered are pop pink, mango, and mint—no matter which you choose, you’re sure to look on trend. Because they’re made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, you’ll be comfortable, too,” adds Oprah Daily.

Ever wondered how these bathrobes manage to strike the perfect balance between comfort and style? The brand also makes a linen version. “Brooklinen’s linen robe isn’t ideal for everyone—or for every season—but if you run hot, live in a warm climate or just love the natural charm of linen, it’s a solid choice. Made of 100% Belgian and French flax (the plant that linen comes from), the fabric kept us noticeably cool. It was the most comfortable we tried out in a warm bathroom; we felt that it was the perfect pick to wear as we scrambled to get groomed before going out. The robe only comes in two colors, but we loved the Charcoal Chambray—a unique dark gray flecked with white that almost reads as dark denim,” writes WSJ.

5. Lunya

Why do people love Lunya robes? “This robe is so stunning, you may be inclined to style it as outerwear, but this silky confection is made for lounging, or taking Zoom calls. Lunya’s special and sustainably produced silk is washable, for easy care and so you can actually live in this robe, as opposed to being worried about dirtying it. Silk is also thermo-regulating so you’ll never feel too hot or cold; it’s perfect all year long,” writes Homes and Gardens.

Lunya Woman's Washable Silk Robe
Lunya Woman’s Washable Silk Robe (

What makes these bathrobes more than just a piece of clothing – they’re a lifestyle choice. They also are available for men and women. “Lunya’s washable silk robes for men and women check a few boxes. They offer a comfortable, lightweight feel, have pockets and hold up well to regular washing. The women’s robe also comes in a short length. Unlike many robes, it has elasticized, wide wrist bands to keep sleeves from getting in the way while making breakfast. One quibble is that the men’s version only comes in two colors,” says WSJ.

Have you ever thought about the kind of statement your bathrobe makes about your style and taste? “Lunya’s airy robe doesn’t look like the others on our list. Athena Hewett, founder of skin-care line Monastery, points out that the robe’s blend of pima cotton (known for its smooth feel) and modal adds to its softness. But there’s some structure to it too. The robe comes with a belt to give it a cinched waist and has interior and exterior ties; once you put it on, you can rest assured it will stay in place, “shares NY Mag.

6. Natori Shangri-La Robe

Number six on the list of expert recommendations is Natori’s Shangri-La Robe. “The thinnest of our robe picks, the jersey-knit Natori Shangri-La Robe feels cool and soft on the skin, like an expensive T-shirt. Available in a wide range of women’s sizes, this one is a staff favorite: Our editors rave about its good looks, buttery material, and enduring quality. It’s stylish and well made. This robe gives off an effortlessly put-together vibe,” says NYTimes.

Natori Shangri-La Robe
Natori Shangri-La Robe for women

Ever wonder what it’s like to feel like a Hollywood star lounging at home? The Natori bathrobes have the answer. “Natori is known for its stylish loungewear, and its Shangri-La Robe is no exception. Made from 65 percent modal and 35 percent polyester, this jersey robe is a great choice for summer months when a heavier robe is just too much. Our tester found that during hours of wearing the robe, she never felt too hot. The robe comes in sizes XS through XXL and in eight different colors, from bright red to classic navy. It’s an ultra-soft robe that is lightweight but comfy enough to sleep in,” adds The Spruce.

What’s the secret sauce that makes these bathrobes so irresistibly soft and luxurious? “Natori’s robe is hands-down the softest and most comfortable lightweight option out of all the best robes for women we tried. If you don’t like the other specialty fabrics mentioned above, chances are modal jersey will win you over; the slightly stretchy material is commonly used to make underwear and loungewear. This robe is long (about ankle-length on me), and there’s an interior waist tie to keep it together. The sleeves are flowy, but they only hit a little below my elbows, making it easy to do everyday tasks,” shares Insider.

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