Best Types Of Men’s Bathrobes: Top 5 Materials Most Recommended By Experts

Men’s bathrobes aren’t just fabric stitched together; some would say they’re a vibe. The best men’s bathrobes are the ultimate symbol of leisure, relaxation, and self-appreciation. Putting on something so warm and cozy encompasses the feeling of Sunday morning laziness and evening wind-down sessions all wrapped into one.

The ideal men’s bathrobe combines comfort, style, and functionality to create a luxurious loungewear experience. Crafted from soft, absorbent materials such as high-quality cotton or plush microfiber, a top-notch bathrobe should cocoon the wearer in warmth after a shower or during a leisurely morning routine. A perfect blend of absorbency and breathability ensures a quick and pleasant drying experience.

The design should strike a balance between classic and modern aesthetics, offering a timeless appeal with thoughtful details like well-sized pockets and a secure tie closure. Durability is key, ensuring the robe maintains its softness and structure over time. Ultimately, the best men’s bathrobes seamlessly integrate into daily life, providing a cozy and sophisticated touch to moments of relaxation, especially because the average American feels relaxed for only 40 minutes a day!

Ready to elevate your lounge-at-home wardrobe? Study Finds has compiled the ultimate list of the best men’s bathrobes. Our experts have donned and lounged, giving their coziest endorsements, and voilà, here they are! Think we missed a robe that feels like a hug after a long day? Spill the beans in the comments.

A man wearing a waffle-knit robe
A man wearing a waffle-knit robe (Photo by Racim Amr on Unsplash)

The List: Best Men’s Bathrobes, According to Style Experts

1. Waffle

The number one most comfortable bathrobe material is waffle knit. For example, Cozy Earth Unisex Waffle Bathrobe. “If you’ve ever treated yourself to a spa treatment or slept at a luxury hotel, odds are you wore a waffle bathrobe. These are the best bathrobes for men because they’re light and highly absorbent. Cozy Earth uses cotton mixed with viscose from bamboo. The result is a silky luxurious feeling robe,” shares

Cozy Earth Unisex Waffle Bathrobe
Cozy Earth Unisex Waffle Bathrobe (

Esquire also loves the brand! “Cozy Earth is all about bringing the spa directly to your home. With an absorbent waffle weave and interior terry cloth, why even bother going to the spa when you’ve got this?” writes Esquire.

We’ve all had those lazy Sunday mornings, coffee in hand, and guess what completes the picture? Yep, a snug bathrobe. “If you’ve ever found yourself stepping out of the shower and wishing it never ended, make sure one of these is waiting for you on the other side of the glass. The waffle pattern works to gently massage your body while simultaneously wicking away what’s left of the moisture. Not only is Onsen’s deep-waffle design super breathable and absorbent, it simply looks and feels like the pinnacle of relaxation,” says Fashionbeans about Onsen’s Waffle Weave Bathrobe.

2. Flannel

When it comes to flannel, the Petite Plume Flannel Robe stands out. “This navy flannel bathrobe with elegant white piping is seriously soft—almost downy, even. But that’s to be expected from a brand with the name Petite Plume,” adds Esquire.

L.L. Bean Men's Flannel Robe
L.L. Bean Men’s Flannel Robe (

“If your priority is warmth and softness, this flannel robe by Alexander Del Rossa should be high on your list. With its traditional design—shawl collar, waist tie, and large front pockets—this robe has timeless style, making it a long-lasting addition to any loungewear wardrobe,” shares Luxe Digital.

While we’re on the subject of comfort, let’s not forget the style factor. Because why not lounge around looking dapper? L.L. Bean is another great option for flannel. “According to L.L. Bean, its cotton fabric is brushed to make it fuzzier in feel. Larger sizes of the robe are also available in a tall length, which adds about two inches to the overall length and one inch to the sleeve length,” writes NYMag.

3. Terry Cloth

Terry cloth is another option that may suit your preferences. “Reigning Champ’s Midweight Terry Hooded Robe feels like your coziest sweatshirt (it’s made of 100% cotton), only longer, and it gets softer with machine washing, we found after testing. It even has cuffed sleeves like a sweatshirt (meaning the sleeves won’t get in the way while you make breakfast or wash your hands). The pockets and hood are also nice pluses for both comfort and convenience. And, it makes a great gift for men and teen boys (or anyone you know who loves living in loungewear),” writes WSJ.

Reigning Champ’s Midweight Terry Hooded Robe
Reigning Champ’s Midweight Terry Hooded Robe

“If you need a bathrobe for year-round wear, the Aiden terry-cloth robe from Alpine Swiss is the best option. Made of absorbent cotton, this robe feels more like a towel than a blanket and is great for lounging right out of the shower. Featuring a removable waist belt and front pockets, it’s heavy enough to feel cozy in, but won’t make you feel hot,” adds USA Today.

The terry will make you merry. “Terry cloth is often considered the most comfortable material when it comes to the best men’s robe. Its plush feel promotes next-level calm and relaxation. Mr. Porter’s offering is no exception. Available in two muted and sophisticated colorways, this luxurious cotton-blend terry will quickly and comfortably absorb water and has a weighty feel in all the right ways. This versatile robe is perfect for long-weekend getaways to the mountains or for everyday use,” says Fashion Beans.

4. Fleece 

Stepping out of the shower never felt so regal – and here’s the robe magic behind that feeling. An amazing fleece bathrobe lauded by experts is from NY Threads. “Remember when everyone was talking about hygge, the Nordic concept of coziness? Well, as far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t get more hygge than this luxurious fleece bathrobe by NY Threads. Made from super-soft coral fleece for optimum comfort, you haven’t experienced fluffiness until you’ve experienced this wonderfully indulgent fleece robe,” shares Luxe Digital.

UGG Robinson Robe
UGG Men’s Robinson Robe

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to men’s bathrobes? Consider the UGG Robinson Robe. “For a robe that makes you feel like a king, you can’t go wrong with this fleece edition. Thanks to the extra room in the chest and body, there’s more comfort than in a regular fit, but the construction remains classic without weighing you down. To complete the Uggs set, pair this with the equally soft and comfortable scuff slippers,” adds Rank and Style.

How do you decide which bathrobe fabric reigns supreme? Another premium one is the Ross Michaels Plush Fleece Bathrobe. “Who doesn’t love a little bit of plush? Or, in this case, a lot of plush. This super-soft kimono-style robe will keep you comfy and cozy day in and day out, all while giving you that Hugh Hefner look at the same time. With over seven thousand, yes, 7k rave reviews on Amazon, you can’t go wrong,” mentions

5. Best Brand: Parachute

While it was hard to narrow down a top five for brands, one in particular did stand out amongst expert reviews. “Parachute is a Strategist-favorite brand, and its classic Turkish cotton bathrobe is one of its most beloved products. It comes in a wide range of unisex sizes and five different colors. It is made of absorbent Turkish cotton that’s Oeko-Tex certified (meaning it’s free of harmful bleach or dye),” says NYMag.

Parachute classic Turkish cotton bathrobe
Parachute classic Turkish cotton bathrobe (

You might be wondering, what’s the big fuzz about? “Lightweight yet incredibly warm, this bathrobe is one you think about putting on all day long,” adds Esquire.

Shifting gears from ordinary loungewear, the Parachute Bathrobe promises an experience like no other. “Parachute’s Classic Turkish Cotton Robe is soft and velvety; this 450 GSM robe is just as cozy as our Best Plush Bathrobe pick. It also comes in a wide range of sizes, from XS to 3XL. The reason Brooklinen got the edge is their Super-Plush Robe comes in more colors,” writes WSJ.

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