Best Women’s Boots Brands: Top 5 Styles Most Recommended By Experts

Calling all boot lovers! One staple many women look forward to in the colder months? is wearing their favorite boots, of course! Boots are a wardrobe essential with various styles that can add a sophisticated or casual element to your outfit while keeping your feet comfy and dry, no matter if you’re walking inside the office or enjoying the great outdoors. Short or tall, classic or modern, boots have your feet covered (literally)! So here are the top five best women’s boots to keep in mind as you shop for a new pair. 

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Just as we get used to those wonderful fall temperatures, it’s time to bundle up even more and break out the snow boots. There is something so serene about hearing the crunch of boots in the snow and looking back to see your footprints. New research has shown that walking in a winter wonderland can actually boost body image. While previous studies have found that green spaces, such as parks and forests, and blue areas, such as lakes and rivers, can improve body image, the new report is one of the first to link “white spaces” to “self-body image.” So throw on your winter coat, lace up your snow boots, and head outside for some wintry fun. 

No matter which style you prefer, StudyFinds has done the research for you to find the top five best women’s boots brands. Don’t see your favorite brand on the list? Let us know your favorite in the comments. 

Woman wearing boots
Woman wearing boots (Photo by freestocks on Unsplash)

The List: Best Women’s Boot Brands, According to Style Experts


1. Sorel

Anyone needing winter boots has probably heard of Sorel, or may even already have a pair of their snow boots in the closet ready to go for this winter. New York Magazine listed two of Sorel’s boots among the “warmest and most waterproof options for inclement weather.” The Sorel Caribou was called “‘one of the standards’ for winter boots against which others should be measured, because it’s ‘a vulcanized boot with an interior lining, meaning it’s waterproof.'” Plus, these were noted for being the “best (less-expensive) snow boots.” Need more protection for those deeper drifts? Look no further than “Sorel’s Joan of Arctic boot, which has a higher shaft that’ll keep your feet warm and dry in deep powder. It features the same vulcanized-rubber sole as the Caribou, and a removable, insulating inner boot for maximum insulation.”

Sorel Caribou Boot
Sorel Caribou Boot

Would you prefer a red-colored boot to stand out against the white snow? Sorel’s Winter Carnival will do just that! Gear Lab describes it as “flexible, [providing] solid coverage, fashionable, [and] warm.” Sounds like how a winter boot needs to be.

Let’s face it, winter boots aren’t usually considered “fashionable” because of their clunky look. But Forbes vetted the Sorel Tivoli IV Parc Boot “as the most stylish to handle any wintry weather, keeping your feet toasty and dry.” It was listed as number one for style according to Forbe’s extensive testing. “These are great boots (and quite popular among women in my mountain town), so if the style speaks to you, they’re plenty warm, have decent traction and are well constructed.”

2. UGG

This brand just exudes warmth (and it’s just a fun word to say). Most of us probably think of the iconic brown boot with fur coming out the top as we see with the UGG Adirondack III. According to Gear Lab, this boot is “the epitome of comfort and warmth wrapped in a versatile, high-performing, waterproof package.” It has a five-star rating for warmth, comfort, and fit. 

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Sheepskin Platform Boots
UGG Classic Ultra Mini Sheepskin Platform Boots (


But did you know that UGG carries less furry, wintry-looking boots too? New York Post describes the Ugg Neumel High as “classic tan booties [that] are a must-have for fall and winter, lined with the iconic sherpa fuzz to keep your feet nice and warm. These also have a fun design feature, with woven laces and a red and tan tag on the back.”

Still thinking UGGs aren’t fashionable? Think again! says the UGG Classic Ultra Mini Sheepskin Platform Boots is a “lounge-worthy bootie [that] continue to be a supermodel favorite, and it’s easy to see why—they’re a cute and casual way to keep your toes warm once the weather cools down.” Plus this style of UGGs also comes in black so you have an option other than the typical tan.

3. Dr. Martens

When mentioning boots, we have to include the classic combat boot. Dr. Martens has that style mastered! Marie Claire notes, “This brand is a classic go-to for any combat boot lover. They’ve been known for their edgy, nonconformist brand identity since the 1980s, but their roots trace all the way back to the turn of the century.”

Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens

What comes to mind when you think of combat boots? Probably sturdy and rugged, am I right? Good Housekeeping explains these combat books are “built to last [and] feature a durable leather upper with a thick PVC sole. They’re notorious for being stiff to start, but one GH analyst who has been wearing the same pair for over five years says that once the boots start to break in, they mold to your foot and feel super comfy. The classic eight-eye style with yellow stitching is an edgy wardrobe essential that you can pair with anything from a frilly dress to some structured denim, so you’re bound to wear these boots over and over again.”

Does your wardrobe already include a pair of Dr. Martens? If not, be sure to add them to your shopping cart (online or from a brick-and-mortar store). Travel + Leisure adds, “You can’t go wrong with classic black, but they also come in lots of colors ranging from olive to white to pink.” A girl likes to have options right? 

4. Blundstone

So maybe you don’t live where it snows during winter, like many in the southern U.S. who rarely or never see snow. Forbes notes that Blundstone boots are great for “commuting to work, a stylish night out, [and for] those who don’t want a bulky winter boot.” 

Blundstone 510 Black Boot
Blundstone 510 Black Boot (

New York Magazine says the 510 Chelsea boots are the “best overall winter boots. For non-extreme winter conditions — puddly commutes, wet park walks, and the occasional snow day — it’s hard to go past a pair of classic Blundstones. These boots are a longtime Strategist favorite for a reason: They’re comfortable, reasonably waterproof (being made of leather, with minimal seams), and neutral enough to style with almost any outfit. They work well across seasons, develop an attractive patina over time, and get comfier with wear. They also seem to mold to most people’s feet with ease.”

The great thing about Chelsea, or ankle, boots is that they go with multiple pieces in your wardrobe. “Marie Claire’s Style Editor Sara Holzman counts Blundstone as one of her favorite boots brands. The label is an especially great choice for those who love the classic Chelsea boot, of which Blundstone offers a number of options in different colors and patterns.” They can be worn in spring and summer too, so stock up now for all seasons. 

5. Sam Edelman

Have you seen the Sam Edelman Garret Combat Platform Boots? “Take black classic combat boots and flip them on their head. These all-white combat boots from Sam Edelman really make a statement, as even the laces and hardware are white for a sleek look. If you don’t love the ivory, they also come in an array of brown and black leather, but these are truly the standout shade,” writes the New York Post.

Sam Edelman Garret Combat Platform Boots
Sam Edelman Garret Combat Platform Boots (

Tired of having your shoelaces come untied again and again? You could just buy a pair of Chelsea-style boots since they don’t even need laces! Travel + Leisure “recommends Sam Edelman’s Laguna Boot. Utilitarian and practical yet stylish and trendy, this wear-anywhere shoe is a go-to for fall, winter, and cold climates. These boots have heavily lugged, chunky rubber soles that keep you steady on your feet and leather uppers with a weatherproof coating to help you stay dry.”

Ready to show off your personal style with some printed boots? Sam Edelman’s Shauna Tall Boots will do just that with their brown crocodile print. “Croc print is all the rage right now,” reports “From Tom Ford’s opening look at Milan Fashion Week to Versace’s latest handbag release, you know you’ll want to hop on the bandwagon.”

Looking for more knee-high boot options? “Sam Edelman shoes are a favorite of Good Housekeeping analysts who love the high quality for a less-than-designer price. [Their Faren Knee High Boot] is made with real smooth leather or suede for a sleek and structured silhouette that we love. Plus, there’s a cute squared toe and a 3-inch block heel, so you can take your boot game to new heights. The boot comes in four neutral colors, making it easy to coordinate with your current closet.”

Which brand of boots is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!  

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