5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her, According To Hopeless Romantics

Whether she’s a passionate adventurer, a homebody bookworm, or a creative soul, there’s a perfect present waiting to be discovered. From unique experiences that spark excitement to thoughtful tokens that whisper “I love you,” we’ve curated a guide overflowing with gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary. So, get ready to ditch the guesswork and ignite the flames of love with a Valentine’s Day gift that truly reflects her individuality and captures the essence of your special bond. Let’s embark on a journey to find the perfect present that will make her heart skip a beat and create memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re looking to impress your lady friend this year, StudyFinds has some ideas for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her this year.

Depending on the type of person you are, Valentine’s Day might seem like a cheesy capitalist holiday to you. But does your partner feel the same? A OnePoll survey of 2,000 Americans found that a third strongly agree that Valentine’s Day could be a make-or-break for their relationship this year. The survey also found that 43 percent of respondents have an ex they would get back together with in a heartbeat. So when it comes down to putting the extra effort into thinking of a unique gift or doing the bare minimum, it might be better to do some research!

When it comes down to what women want to receive for Valentine’s Day, a survey by YouGov found that roughly one-third of women want a card, chocolates or candy, and/or flowers (34% each) or a nice dinner out (33%). Though these are simple requests, going the extra mile to give your partner a less cliche gift will pay off.

Ready to wow your best half? StudyFinds has compiled a list of some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her, quoting the most commonly recommended gifts across 10 expert websites. Have any better ideas? Let us know what you’ll be gifting this year in the comments below!

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A box of chocolates
A box of chocolates (Photo by Sabrina Rizzo on Unsplash)

The List: Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her, According to Relationship Pros

1. Venus et Fleur Flowers

Every girl loves flowers. Even if she says she doesn’t, she’ll still love being surprised with a beautiful arrangement from Venus et Fleur. “Venus et Fleur still makes the prettiest forever flowers—and the roses in this gift box can be split between the house and her office. Brace yourself for many thank-yous in the form of tagged selfies,” writes Glamour

The worst thing about flowers is that they don’t last forever, even if your love does. Venus et Fleur flowers are famous for making blooms that can last for up to three years with proper care. “A bouquet of flowers is always a lovely gesture, except until it wilts after a few days,” says Delish. “Venus et Fleur uses a delicate preservation process to capture real roses in full bloom. These Eternity Roses can last up to a year with the proper care and will smell just as fragrant as they did on Valentine’s Day.”

2. Concealable Personal Massager

Looking to get steamy this Valentine’s Day? Show her you care about her pleasure with one of these sleek portable personal massagers. “Spice things up this Valentine’s Day with Fleur du Mal’s Le Wand Little Pleasures Set,” suggests Women’s Wear Daily. “It includes the Le Wand Bullet and Point in a lustrous special-edition silver chrome finish and is housed in an elegant white box that says, “life is full of little pleasures.” It also comes with a micro-suede travel pouch so you can take it with you for fun on the go.

The Vesper Massage Necklace is also a great choice for a massager that doubles as jewelry and can be easily concealed. “It’s so discreet, no one will know that this piece doubles as a — erm — special toy, writes Good Housekeeping. “She can wear it around her neck when you two are out to dinner, or anytime she’s feeling the need to spice things up.”

3. Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker

Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker
Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker

“Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a stack of homemade heart-shaped waffles,”  proclaims Woman’s Day. If you plan to spend the day together, what better way to start off Valentine’s Day but with an intimate home-cooked breakfast in bed?

The Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker is also a great gift if you’re looking for a present that will have longevity. “If you’re looking for an adorable Valentine’s Day-themed gift that will be useful year-round, look no further than Dash’s heart-shaped waffle maker, writes USA Today. “We tested the regular version of the mini waffle machine, and unless you’re looking for a more intense and bigger waffle maker, we recommend it.”

4. Timepiece

Longines DolceVita Bracelet Watch
Longines DolceVita Bracelet Watch (Longines.com)

A classy woman loves watches too! More practical than a bracelet but still luxurious, the Longines DolceVita Bracelet Watch will be sure to have her thinking of you every time she puts it on. “A watch she’ll be wearing to every anniversary date night from now on,” says Esquire.

Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 7

If your partner is more of a practical or techy girl, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a great buy. “Keep a busy woman organized with an Apple Watch that allows her to check email, texts, weather, meetings, and more — all on just her wrist. Reviewers agree it’s one of the best smart watches,” writes NY Mag.

For more beautiful watches for women, check out our list of the best here.

5. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger 

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger 
Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger is a unique gift – type or draw on an app to send a message to the box whenever you want, and the outside heart will spin to let the receiver know they have a message. “Whether your valentine is long distance or lives under the same roof, sending love messages is incredibly romantic,” suggests Brides. “This modern take on the classic love note comes in the form of a bamboo box.”

This gift is great for long-distance or couples who don’t see each other in person constantly. Let them know you’re thinking of them or put a smile on their face throughout the day. “Not only is the Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger a unique item we reviewed but it also makes a legendary gift that we may already be using with our partners. Apt for long-distance relationships, especially, it revamps old-fashioned love notes with a modern charm,” writes the NY Post


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