Best Adult Diapers: Top 5 Reliable Brands, According To Experts

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of Americans suffer from urinary incontinence and have to wear adult diapers because of it. There are many brands to choose from, but which is the right one for you? StudyFinds scoured online experts and put together a list of the top five best adult diaper brands for those who have incontinence issues.

It can be embarrassing going into a store looking for adult diapers, and because of that, many are willing to pay more online. According to a study, Americans are willing to pay extra for personal hygiene products online just to avoid the embarrassment of buying in a store. The survey polled 2,000 Americans and discovered that 89 percent would opt to spend more money to purchase items online that they would otherwise feel embarrassed about buying in person. Just over half (51%) say the items they purchase in-store that embarrass them include period cups, laxatives, or incontinence products such as adult underwear.

Those dealing with incontinence might want to turn to a yoga app. Researchers at Rutgers University found that people dealing with a loss of bladder control saw a significant improvement in their condition after using the “Yoga of Immortals” app for four weeks. Loss of urine control, also known as urinary incontinence, is more common among women than men. About 25 to 45 percent of women experience the condition which can dampen a person’s quality of life and impair their social, psychological, and sexual functioning. Despite the high prevalence rate, less than one in five people seek out treatment — ranging from medication, pelvic floor muscle physical therapy, or surgical procedures.

Do you need a little extra support during the day? StudyFinds has compiled a list of the top five best adult diapers on the market that are leak-free and reliable. Is there one we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Senior woman holding an adult diaper
Senior woman holding an adult diaper (Photo by CGN089 on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Adult Diapers, According to Experts


1. Tranquility

Topping the list for best adult diaper brands is Tranquility, which comes in many different varieties. “Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear is perfect for all-night comfort and protection thanks to its super-absorbent design,” writes Parentgiving. “Each Tranquility OverNight brief holds over a quart of liquid and the peach core guarantees skin dryness, odor reduction, and urine pH neutralization. Tranquility briefs are made with a breathable fabric, and a full-rise waist panel, and are latex-, lycra- and spandex-free design. Sizes range from XS to XXL to suit your specific needs.”

Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear
Tranquility Premium OverNight Absorbent Underwear

Forbes says that the Tranquility Premium Daytime Disposable Absorbent Underwear are the best for daytime use. “This product’s ultra-absorbent core is designed for active users in need of heavy leak protection. What’s more, the additional absorption capacity facilitates skin dryness and neutralizes odors, according to the company. Tranquility’s Daytime Disposable Absorbent Underwear is designed with discreet comfort and movement in mind. And thanks to the tear-away side seams, they’re easy to remove.”

Carewell notes that they are big fans of Tranquility diaper products. “These All-Through-The-Night (ATN) briefs offer a full eight hours of protection, so your loved one can get a restful, rejuvenating sleep.”

2. McKesson

McKesson made IDiaper’s list due to the Brief Hook and Loop Tabs having the capacity of “overnight level of absorption.”

McKesson Classic Underwear
McKesson Classic Underwear

LL Medico rated McKesson as the best for light leaks. “These McKesson Classic Underwear are an affordable and great product for light incontinence leaks. They provide premium comfort with a cloth-like stretch waist for a discreet fit, pull off and on like regular underwear, and have tear-away sides for easy removal. They are a unisex fit, designed to be suitable for all patients. If you’re experiencing light incontinence and need affordability, look no further than these pull up diapers by McKesson.”

The McKesson Unisex Adult Absorbent Underwear Ultra is top-rated for heavy absorbency, according to Forbes. “This discreet pull-up promises to keep wetness at bay while reducing the pH of urine, which helps control odor and prevent skin irritation. Plus, it’s made of a soft, breathable cloth fabric for added comfort.”


TENA places third in our best adult diapers list. “The TENA Classic Protective Underwear looks and feels like regular underwear while providing great protection. They’re made with a cloth-like fabric that maximizes comfort, absorption, and odor prevention,” writes WellBefore. “Their moderate absorbency level makes them perfect for discreet everyday use, helping you forget about minor leaks and fecal incontinence.”

TENA Classic Protective Underwear
TENA Classic Protective Underwear

“The Tena Proskin Protective Pull Up Underwear is a unisex design that feels like regular underwear due to its soft texture,” adds Parentgiving. “This diaper uses a polymer technology that acts as the super-absorbent core. You will feel dry and soft for a prolonged period due to the quick-wick surface. There will be no odor or leakage due to its targeted absorption zone. The soft leg elastics in the sides of these adult pull-up diapers help prevent leakage and ensure comfort and the breathable material is infused with airflow technology offering protection that is three times that of other diapers.”

Carewell says the ProSkin Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear is the “best overnight diapers for adults with sensitive skin.” “These overnight pull-ups from TENA offer complete protection for both urine and fecal voids. They’re woven with ConfioAir® technology, proven to balance and maintain the skin’s natural moisture. The wide backing and secure barrier system offer complete protection, no matter your favorite sleep position.”

4. Attends

Health Products For You writes that Attends Premier Briefs -Overnight Absorbency is “ideal for overnight protection from heavy fecal leakage, keeping the user dry. These briefs wick moisture away from the skin while offering 100% breathability.”

Attends Premier Briefs -Overnight Absorbency
Attends Premier Briefs -Overnight Absorbency

Forbes calls Attends Underwear best in value. “These pull-on briefs are designed for comfort and movement throughout the day. Attends specifically notes this product’s snug-fit elastic waistband and breathable cloth material, as well as how it fits discreetly under clothing. Removal is simple, too—users can simply pull them down or tear both sides.”

Attends Extra Absorbent Breathable Brief made IDDiaper’s list because of its fit due to its “extra-wide fit, refastenable tabs, and the elastic gathers at the legs.”

5. Prevail

Rounding out the top five adult diaper brands is Prevail. “KosmoCare Prevail Air Overnight Adult Diapers provide superior protection and comfort,” writes Healthshots. “Designed for larger waist sizes, these diapers offer an excellent fit without compromising on performance. The breathable material helps maintain skin health, and the extended absorbency core keeps you dry throughout the night. Experience maximum comfort and confidence, even during extended wear.”

Prevail Air Overnight Adult Diapers
Prevail Air Overnight Adult Diapers

“The Prevail Daily Underwear is another great option for moderate to heavy everyday wear. Its specially designed layers make for the perfect combination of absorption, odor control, breathability, and comfort,” notes WellBefore. “Prevail offers many exclusive features, such as their MaxSorb™ Gel Technology, which locks in moisture to keep you feeling fresh and dry. The Skin Smart® fabric is also hypoallergenic and great for your skin, with added vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile.”

Carewell says Prevail Bariatric Briefs with Tabs, Ultimate “offer incontinence protection for people with larger waists. Prevails are unisex and support urine and fecal voids. The diapers are made from a comfortable, cloth-like material that absorbs moisture and reduces heat. They have reusable tabs, allowing users to secure the perfect fit.”

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