7 Best Charlotte Tilbury Products Beauty Experts Love

Charlotte Tilbury, a powerhouse in the beauty industry, has carved a niche with its luxurious and high-performing products. From the glamorous packaging to the innovative formulations, the high-end brand seamlessly merges the worlds of skincare and makeup. Founded by the renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, the brand’s popularity is no coincidence, thanks to celebrity endorsements, positive word of mouth, and products that deliver. The brand offers an array of popular products, and while the “best” can be subjective, we’ve curated a list of the best Charlotte Tilbury products that are universally acclaimed and have achieved cult-like status among beauty enthusiasts and professionals.

Social media helped Charlotte Tilbury build her beauty empire. The company effectively utilized digital platforms, especially YouTube, to offer makeup tutorials to educate consumers and showcase their products’ effectiveness. Eager to experience the best of Charlotte Tilbury? Here’s a curated a consensus list of the best Charlotte Tilbury products that nine beauty enthusiasts swear by. Let us know if you agree in the comments below.

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The List: 7 Must-Have Charlotte Tilbury Products, Ranked

1. Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream (charlottetilbury.com)
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream (charlottetilbury.com)

This is the cream that started it all. It was created to prep models’ skin backstage during fashion week and it’s become a best seller. Good Housekeeping can’t gush enough about the product saying the cream has the ability to deeply hydrate, smooth, and brighten the skin. They also emphasize its compatibility with makeup, ensuring a flawless, non-caking application. The presence of hyaluronic acid further contributes to lasting hydration, while peptides and aloe vera work together to plump and soothe the complexion.

From Luxe With Love delves deeper into the formula, describing it as “revolutionary” and “results-driven.” They mention Tilbury’s signature “magic 8” complex of potent skincare ingredients, along with SPF 15 protection. All of this works together to deliver a dewy, plump, and noticeably more hydrated appearance.

Marie Claire‘s beauty editor, Samantha Holender, swears by Magic Cream as her go-to for long-lasting makeup looks. She praises its ability to create a flawless base, restore hydration (especially after travel), and ensure makeup stays put for hours. She attributes these benefits to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, further solidifying the cream’s reputation for brightening, hydrating, and plumping the skin.

2. Hollywood Flawless Filter

Hollywood Flawless Filter
Hollywood Flawless Filter (Sephora.com)

Makeup enthusiasts are raving about the Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury, praising its versatility and glowing results. Elise Armitage, the founder of What The Fab, considers Hollywood Flawless Filter an essential part of her routine. She highlights its multifunctionality – use it alone for a natural glow, mix it with foundation for a boost of radiance, or apply it as a highlighter for a sunkissed look. She even points out its popularity among celebrities and makeup artists, solidifying its reputation as a top choice.

Marie Claire’s beauty editor echoes the praise, stating that makeup artists universally love this product. They emphasize how it elevates any makeup look when used as a base. Living up to its name as a “complexion booster,” this product is described as a multitasker – a primer, a skin tint, and even a subtle highlighter. No matter how you use it, your skin will reportedly benefit. The editor of From Luxe With Love loves this product’s ability to illuminate and smooth the skin, creating a flawless canvas.

3. Matte Revolution Lipstick

Matte Revolution Lipstick
Matte Revolution Lipstick in Hollywood Vixen (Sephora.com)

Lipstick lovers rejoice! This matte lipstick is making waves for its impressive staying power and comfortable wear. Shannon Bauer, a senior commerce editor at Byrdie who receives countless lipsticks for review, is so impressed with this formula that she actually buys it with her own money! She highlights its true long-wearing power, sharing a personal anecdote where the lipstick remained flawless after a night out, even through sleep. This level of staying power, without smudging, has convinced her it’s a must-have.

What The Fab reviewers share their struggles with finding a matte lipstick that wouldn’t dry out their lips. After much searching, they’ve crowned this product their “holy grail.” They particularly love the shade range, including “Very Victoria” – a classic taupe nude, and “Walk of No Shame” – a universally flattering berry tone. For optimal results, they recommend keeping lips well-moisturized and using a similar colored lip liner.

From Luxe With Love delves into the formula itself. They describe it as containing a blend of oils, triglycerides, and waxes that create buildable, long-lasting color while remaining comfortable to wear. This combination of high-performance pigments and a comfortable feel is what sets this matte lipstick apart.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Contour Duo
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Contour Duo (Sephora.com)

Want a face-lift effect? Look no further that Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze & Glow palette. It’s generating a lot of buzz for its ability to create a natural, glowy dimension on the skin. What The Fab praises the palette’s flattering shades and easy blending. The Bronze & Glow shades are impossible to mess up. For them, it’s a foolproof way to achieve a sculpted and luminous look. The versatility extends beyond contouring, as they’ve even used the shades as eyeshadows in a pinch, achieving a quick, sun-kissed glow.

InStyle magazine echoes the praise, declaring the Bronze & Glow their go-to contour and highlight duo. They rave about the perfect shade selection, the finish of the product, and even the stylish packaging.

5. Airbrush Setting Powder

Airbrush Setting Powder
Airbrush Setting Powder (Sephora.com)

No Charlotte Tilbury review seems complete without mentioning the iconic Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder, according to What The Fab. Why? The powder sets makeup without creating a cakey appearance. Instead, it delivers a blurring effect, smoothing imperfections for a flawless finish.

From Luxe With Love delves deeper into the product’s properties. They emphasize its ultra-fine milling, which creates a flawless look on the skin. Beyond setting foundation, it offers additional coverage and versatility. They recommend applying it with a large brush for overall setting or a smaller brush for targeted areas like under-eye concealer. For them, it’s undoubtedly one of Charlotte Tilbury’s best offerings.

There’s more? Yes! Good Housekeeping adds another benefit – the presence of light-reflecting particles. These particles help to naturally mask dark circles, creating a refreshed and brightened appearance.

6. Eyes to Mesmerize

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize Eyeshadow in Pillow Talk
Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerize Eyeshadow in Pillow Talk (Sephora.com)

InStyle magazine is singing the praises of Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadows, calling them a standout product. Why? The transformative power of these eyeshadows is unreal. Applying them creates a feeling of empowerment and sophistication. Reviewers attribute this to a combination of factors – the long-wearing formula, the stunning shade range of 12 hues, the ease of use, and Charlotte Tilbury’s expertise in creating universally flattering eye looks.

Create effortless beauty with any one of these beautiful shades. Byrdie’s beauty editor loves these shadows for their ability to create a one-and-done look. The lightweight, creamy formula blends easily with fingertips or a brush, delivering a wash of color that appears more complex than the minimal effort required. While there may be some creasing after extended wear, a simple touch-up with your fingers restores the look instantly.

What The Fab emphasizes the buildable nature of this product, making it perfect for achieving subtle daytime looks. They also love the website’s suggestion – start with a natural wash of color during the day, then easily transition to a more dramatic nighttime look by adding eyeliner and mascara.

7. Airbrush Flawless Foundation

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation (Sephora.com)
Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation (Sephora.com)

Looking for full-coverage and a flawless finish? What The Fab reviewers are a huge fan of this foundation. She considers it one of her all-time favorites due to its full-coverage that effectively minimizes pores, creating a perfect base for applying blush, bronzer, and highlighter. What truly impresses her is the combination of a matte finish that doesn’t compromise on hydration, eliminating concerns about dry or flaky patches.

Byrdie loves this foundation’s long-lasting, full-coverage properties. They credit it as a staple in their collection, further solidified by its recognition as “best overall” in their full-coverage foundation test. Who What Wear testers particularly appreciates the extensive shade range that caters to various undertones, ensuring a perfect color match. They were impressed by the foundation’s budge-proof nature, even after an intense workout, while still feeling lightweight on the skin. The matte finish effectively controlled oil without appearing overly flat or matte. They conclude by calling it a “truly perfect” foundation.


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