Best Luxury Champagnes: Top 7 Fanciest Bottles, According To Experts

Luxury champagne is the liquid embodiment of pure opulence and extravagance. It’s a decadent symphony of tiny bubbles dancing their way to the surface, promising a taste that’s nothing short of celestial. If you’re in the mood for a taste of the high life, there’s no better companion than a bottle of the best luxury champagne.

These sparkling elixirs aren’t just beverages; they’re experiences and celebrations in themselves. The golden hues, the playful effervescence, and the delightful notes that caress your taste buds — it’s a sensation that transcends the ordinary. Sip by sip, you’re transported to a world of indulgence where life’s pleasures know no bounds.

What makes a champagne “luxury”?

What truly separates a quintessential luxury champagne from its more pedestrian counterparts? It’s a symphony of factors, meticulously orchestrated from vine to glass:

  • Grand Cru Grapes: Luxury champagnes exclusively source grapes from the coveted Grand Cru vineyards, blessed with exceptional soil, sun exposure, and meticulous viticulture. Imagine sun-drenched slopes cradling the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier that will become liquid gold.
  • Méthode Traditionnelle: True champagne undergoes the time-honored méthode traditionelle, involving a second fermentation within the bottle, creating those mesmerizing bubbles. Think tiny fairies dancing a jig, coaxing forth the effervescence.
  • Aging with Grace: Most luxury champagnes spend years gracefully aging in the cool darkness of cellars, allowing the flavors to meld and mature. Picture the bottles slumbering like Sleeping Beauties, awaiting their grand awakening.
  • Limited Editions: Many luxury champagnes are produced in limited quantities, adding to their allure and exclusivity. It’s like owning a piece of liquid art, crafted in small batches for discerning palates.

Luxury champagne isn’t just for special occasions; it can turn any day into a remarkable one. Are you ready to discover the ultimate in liquid opulence? StudyFinds turned to experts to recommend the best luxury champagne and uncover the pinnacle of sparkling indulgence. Share your favorite bubbly with us in the comments below!

New Year's celebration with champagne
New Year’s celebration with champagne (Photo by Romolo Tavani on Shutterstock)

The List: Best Luxury Champagnes, Per Bubbly Connoisseurs

1. Krug Champagne

Number one on the list of the best luxury champagnes is Krug champagne. “Krug produces several stunning Champagnes, and it takes a different approach from other producers. It makes what’s technically a nonvintage Champagne, Grande Cuvée, but it’s so much more than your typical nonvintage offering. Krug’s chef de cave, Julie Cavil, applies the same high level of craftsmanship to the Grande Cuvée as she does its vintage and single-plot Champagnes. Grande Cuvée is also far more expensive than many of the best vintage Champagnes, including Dom Pérignon. What makes Krug’s Grand Cuvée one of the best Champagnes in the world? Krug’s team blends more than 120 wines from over 10 years — each aged individually — to create a consistent house style and achieve a richness that’s impossible in each individual vintage,” writes Lapatiala.

Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne 168th Edition
Krug Grande Cuvée Champagne 168th Edition (

Peel back the labels and dive into the extraordinary tales behind each bottle. “One of the Grandes Marques of Champagne, Krug is sometimes described as the Rolls-Royce of Champagne or the Grande Dame of Champagne—Elegance personified. Krug has a bold, rich taste profile that screams power. Krug’s exceptional full-bodied champagnes are a favorite of sommeliers and discerning palates,” says Luxe Digital.

Is there a right way to appreciate the nuances of a champagne’s flavor profile? “The 1928 grape harvest was exceptional, and due to near-perfect weather conditions, the vintage Krug from the same year is considered one of the best champagnes in the world. Notes of apricot and honey give it a sweet but crisp taste that is said to have been the drink of choice of King George VI. Admittedly, this one will be quite a challenge to get your hands on, but it’s worth reaching out to Krug directly to ask for any advice on how to secure your own bottle,” shares Dukes Avenue.

2. Veuve Clicquot’s Champagne

This is certainly a bottle of bubbly that deserves a spot in your collection. “If you are a champagne enthusiast, you know that Veuve Clicquot is an elite brand. The brand created 3,200 limited-edition bottles of this Yellowbeam Ostrich Champagne. The bottles feature exotic Ostrich leather seals and 22.4-carat gold, topped with a collectable 24-carat gold-plated muzzle cap engraved with Madam Clicquot’s signature,” shares Luxebook.

Transform any moment into a glamorous occasion with your very own champagne cascade. “Renowned for its luxury and prestige, Veuve Clicquot boasts a legacy spanning over two centuries. Its history and commitment to quality have elevated it to one of the world’s most coveted Champagnes. The brand garners acclaim for its affiliation with luxury and opulence. In 2021, 647,000 9-liter cases of Veuve Clicquot graced the shores of America. Veuve Clicquot became part of the LVMH group in 1987,” writes CEO World.

Are you ready to sip and savor the most exquisite bubbles on Earth? “Named for the Grande Dame of Champagne, Veuve Clicquot (‘veuve’ in French means widow, a nod to Madame Barbe-Nicole Clicquot who took over the family’s champagne house after her husband’s death in the early 19th century and transformed the brand into an international powerhouse) justifies its iconic status with a well-balanced, pinot noir-forward wine that suits as well with a first course as it does on its own,” says Town and Country Mag.

3. Dom Pérignon

Number three on the list of the best luxury champagnes is Dom Pérignon champagne. “The brand Dom Pérignon started as the prestige cuvée of Moët & Chandon and has since become one of the most famous wines in the world. It produces brut and rosé Champagnes, which each age for around seven years, as well as Plénitude 2 and 3, which age for approximately 15 and 30 years, respectively. Dom Pérignon is one of the few vintage-only Champagne houses, which means it produces Champagnes using only the grapes from a single year. In a region with unpredictable weather, like the Champagne region, that can be a challenge, and it’s one of the reasons why most houses make nonvintage Champagne; good years can balance out the bad, and the Champagne will always taste the same. However, Dom Pérignon’s chef de cave, Vincent Chaperon, loves the challenge of creating a vintage Champagne in difficult years. Each vintage is like a time capsule that transports you directly to that year,” writes Lapatiala.

Dom Pérignon
Dom Pérignon (

Unveil the captivating history and artistry that transform grapes into liquid gold. “This Dom Pérignon Rosé Gold comes from the largest Champagne house in France, Moët & Chandon. Retailing at a jaw-dropping $49,000 only 35 bottles of the 6-litre gold-plated Dom Pérignon Mathusalem were produced. This vintage rosé has aromas of malt complemented by smoky, peaty accents, and the bottle looks just as exquisite as the liquor within it,” shares Luxebook.

Curious about the secrets to infusing your life with champagne-style elegance? “With roots tracing back to the 17th century, Dom Pérignon stands as one of the enduring brands within the LVMH portfolio. Known for its luxury and finesse, Dom Pérignon introduced its first vintage in 1921. Acquired by LVMH with the Moët & Chandon acquisition, Dom Pérignon ranks highly in bars worldwide,” says CEO World.

4. The Louis Roederer Cristal Brut

The Louis Roederer Cristal Brut champagne isn’t only lauded for being tasty, but the bottle is gorgeous. “The Louis Roederer, Cristal Brut 1990 Millennium Cuvee Methuselah, priced at $18,000, is among the most expensive champagnes. Limited to just 2,00 bottles, this is as rare as it gets. What’s more, the 6-litre bottle comes in packaged in a wooden box, with a gold name tag. There’s also the factor of rarity, as this particular Champagne is known to have only 2,000 similar bottles produced,” writes Luxebook.


Discover how luxury champagne transforms even the ordinary moments into something grand. “Arguably Louis Roederer’s most famous bubbly, the Cristal is a vintage champagne that is composed of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. For the first time in the maison’s history, the 2008 was aged for 10 years before its market release (past vintages generally underwent a six- to seven-year ageing period). The extended slumber in the bottle seems to have paid off. On the nose, the wine offers a bouquet of chalk and grapefruit. The palate is complex and elegant, offering a rich, layered profile of apple, apricot, citrus, and floral notes,” says CNA Luxury.

“Cristal 2015 is made from grapes grown in Ay, Verzenay, Verzy, Mesnil-sur-Oger, Cramant, Beaumont-sur-Vesle, and Avize. The 2015 growing season was characterized by a mild winter and a hot, dry summer with a little rain prior to harvest gave the vines a bit of relief. This alluring Champagne is deep yellow in color with very fine bubbles. There are aromas of almond blossom, roasted hazelnut, lemon curd, and lemon rind. The bouquet translates seamlessly to flavors on the palate where a silky texture, vibrant bubbles and vivid acidity entice you to take another sip,” shares Robb Report.

5. Armand de Brignac

Why do experts love this bottle so much? It’s not just because of its glitzy bottle. “Armand de Brignac, or Ace of Spades, is a household name in the luxury champagne industry, and rapper Jay-Z has recently partnered with Moët & Chandon to become part owner. The 15-liter Brut Gold Champagne Nebuchadnezzar bottle takes six months to produce, and its gold exterior makes it a popular choice for sporting events or celebrity parties. It’s said to be a very sweet champagne with notes of pear and honeysuckle, as well as sweet butter that appeals to a more sophisticated palate,” Dukes Avenue.

Armand De Brignac Ace of Spades Brut Gold Champagne
Armand De Brignac Ace of Spades Brut Gold Champagne (

Taste the symphony of flavors and finesse that make luxury champagne the stuff of dreams. “The gold Armand de Brignac bottle was unveiled in 2006 and originally developed by Cattier for the André Courrèges fashion house in France. In 2014, rapper Jay-Z acquired the luxury Champagne brand. This bottle is priced at $6,500,” Luxebook.

Want to master the art of selecting the perfect champagne for any occasion? “This striking bottle is recognizable by its metallic golden hue, making reference to the Greek myth of King Midas turning everything he touched into gold. Produced with labor-intensive methods by the Cattier family, each bottle is aged up to five years in oak casks, ensuring a superior quality. In 2010, the first Midas was sold for US$100,000 at well-known Las Vegas nightclub Encore Casino. Weighing 45 kilograms, the golden bottle was carried in by two strongmen at the after-party to the table of the anonymous buyer,” says The CEO Magazine.

6. Taittinger Champagne

Number six on the list of experts for luxury champagne is Taittinger champagne. “With a higher proportion of chardonnay than your typical non-vintage champagne, this bottle provides a fresh, crisp palate of citrus and mineral notes that would be the perfect compliment to fresh seafood—because nothing says ‘party’ like champagne and oysters,” shares Town and CountryMag.

Feel the enchantment that luxury champagne brings to your palate, elevating it to a world of elegance. “A mix of chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier grapes makes this brut bright and fuller-bodied. It’s consistently at the top of lists of brands to buy. Similar wines cost upwards of 40 percent more, so you’re definitely getting a deal,” says The Pioneer Woman.

“Taittinger’s non-vintage Brut Champagne offers a refreshing, fruit-forward experience. With over 700 acres of vineyards, Taittinger ranks among the largest vineyard owners in the region. While owning substantial plantings, Taittinger also sources up to 50% of the grapes to meet its impressive output. It firmly holds a place among the best Champagne brands globally,” writes CEO World Biz.

7. Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne

Finally, number seven on the expert’s recommendation for luxury champagne is Nicolas Feuillatte champagne. “A light, clean-tasting champagne, this bottle puts the emphasis on stonefruit flavors and aromatic spice for a sip that plays particularly well with fish and shellfish,” shares Town and CountryMag.

Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne
Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne Brut (

Raise your glass and toast to the extraordinary with the finest bubbles money can buy. “Yes, you can get a highly rated, brut champagne for an affordable price! It is medium-bodied with a rich and creamy mouthfeel that would go excellent with dessert. Of course, it goes well on it’s own, too, so it’s totally worth buying a few bottles,” says The Pioneer Woman.

Interested in the global traditions that add a unique twist to your champagne experience? “In just three decades, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte has risen to become the leading Champagne brand in France. It is also the world’s third-largest Champagne producer, represented in over 80 countries. Known for its trend-setting approach, Nicolas Feuillatte embodies creativity, modernity, elegance, and curiosity. The U.S. market received approximately 60,000 9-liter cases of the brand in 2021,” says CEO World.

What will you be toasting to this weekend? Leave a comment to let us know!

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