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Christmas can be a stressful time of year, with most of us dealing with travel, family dynamics, or holiday shopping. Finding the perfect gifts for the whole family can be a difficult task on its own, but sometimes, fathers can be the hardest of all. What do you buy for the man who either has it all or says he doesn’t need anything and would rather wear the same hat he’s worn for the last six years? The best Christmas gifts for fathers are usually both practical and unique – you want something memorable that Dad will still use for years to come.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and time with family, but many feel that this year, the season has only brought more stress to an already stressful year. According to a recent survey, the added stress is due to uncontrollable factors like the global economic and political climate. Seventy-five percent of respondents mention that they are stressed by increased holiday spending and expenses. If you’re stressing about what gift to get for Dad on top of finances, sometimes the best gifts are the most thoughtful, not the most expensive!

The best way to give a memorable gift that’s worth your precious dollars is to find something the person will use often in their daily life. In a way this makes a gift more sentimental, because every time they use it they’ll be reminded of you! Many gifts given actually end up going unused every year, with a survey of 2,000 adults finding that the average respondent only actually uses 43 percent of the presents they got last year. When shopping for your father, make sure to keep in mind whether your present will be used or lost in a closet.

If you’re still rushing to do that last minute shopping, StudyFinds has you covered with a list of the best Christmas gifts for fathers. We consulted expert sources to find the most commonly recommended items that Dad might like (and actually use!) to give you an idea of what to look for on your next trip to the store. Happy Holidays! 

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The List: Best Christmas Gifts for Fathers, According to Experts

1. Snazzy New Shoes

If we know dads, we know they like to rock the same beat up old pair of kicks no matter how tattered or dirty they might be. Treat your old man to some comfy new shoes that might end up being his favorites. “Your dad probably already has cool kicks, but has he tried Chelsea boots yet?” writes The Cut. They recommend the Daniel 7902 Chelsea boots from Carlos Santos for the dad who likes to step out in style. He can easily dress these down with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or flannel, or go all out with a tailored shirt and coat.

Crocs Classic Lined Clog
Crocs Classic Lined Clog (crocs.com)

Allure recommends these retro sneakers, saying “the Adidas Retropy E5 Shoes aren’t your average ‘dad shoes.’ Even though they have some retro flair, rest assured that they do not slack off with state-of-the-sneaker comfort and functionality. These stylish kicks have Boost foam technology, so they feel like walking on a cloud without the bulk of an orthopedic shoe. Both older and new dads alike will appreciate the practicality of a great pair of sneakers, and the fact that they’re super on-trend is just icing on the cake.”

Crocs are a great “dad shoe” because they’re comfortable and functional, can be worn with anything, and can technically count as “stylish” since they’re currently seen as trendy by Gen Z. Esquire explains that “he won’t care that Crocs have had a fashion resurgence in the past few years. What he does care about is a shoe that can be both a house slipper and a daily beater.” The publication recommends the Classic Lined Clog for maximum comfort. 

2. A Massage Gun

We all know as our age increases, so do all our aches and pains. Dads of any age can benefit from a massage gun that will easily help relieve soreness and tension. Wirecutter says that “the triangular handle on the Therabody Theragun Prime lets the operator change the grip and angle for better leverage and pressure. This model offers five speeds, 30 pounds of force, and four head attachments. The app can learn from your dad’s activity, and it can suggest and demonstrate different massage techniques, as well as exercise ideas for what ails him.”

Therabody Theragun Prime
Therabody Theragun Prime (therabody.com)

For dads who travel often or want something more lowkey, the Therabody Mini Portable Massager is a cheaper, more compact version of the Theragun Prime. Oprah Daily explains how “this pint-size version of the wildly popular massage gun pulses up to 2,400 times per minute to ensure there’s always a remedy for Dad’s aching muscles.”

For a budget option, this AERLANG Massage Gun from Amazon will still do the job. “If there’s one thing that binds all dads together, it’s back pain. And shoulder pain. And calf pain. And neck pain. Basically, we are in a lot of physical pain that we pretend is totally fine, but we need help … please,” writes Good Housekeeping. “This deep tissue massage gun is a quiet operator that will let Dad work out the knots in his neck and relieve the tension in his lower back with 20 intensity levels and 6 different massage head options.”

3. Subscriptions

One of the more unique options that can be customized to your dad’s hobbies or latest obsession is a subscription. Plus, it’s one of those gifts that keep on giving, with new deliveries every month. PureWow explains that “a MasterClass subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. The online education platform will give your pops access to more than a hundred virtual classes and sessions led by industry professionals in various fields, from cooking to meditation from top people in their profession, like science with Neil deGrasse Tyson and how to ball properly with Stephen Curry.”

If your father is into fiery spice, try the Fuego Box to keep him on his toes. Southern Living says it’s “for the man who puts hot sauce on everything, or just likes to try new things, a Fuego Box is a great gift that keeps on giving. Fuego Box is a monthly subscription box that ships him one to three new hot sauces every month.”

No one dislikes snacks, and your dad is sure to enjoy snacking on delicious new treats from Japan every month. According to Real Simple, “the epicurious dad will delight in the eclectic snacks and treats in the Bokksu Gift Snack Box. You can opt for a single month’s worth of snacks or amp up to a subscription level. It’s packed with 20 Japanese snacks, candies, a tea pairing, and a magazine—plus free shipping directly from Japan.”

4. Alcohol

Every man takes pride in a bar stocked with his favorite liquor so he can come home to a glass every day after work. If gin is his poison of choice, Glamour recommends O’ndina Small Batch Distilled Super Premium Italian Gin, saying, “if all he wants is for his kids to bring him a G ‘n T with a slice of lime, then introduce him to O’ndina Italian gin – he’ll be looking like Stanley Tucci in no time.”

Angel’s Envy Bourbon
Angel’s Envy Bourbon (angelsenvy.com)

If he likes Scotch, Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Year Old will be a luxurious addition to his collection, aged for 23 years in American and European oak casks. “This 23-year-old beauty will be sitting on his bar cart for way less time than it took to age the juice inside,” says GQ.

Angel’s Envy Bourbon is “a Kentucky bourbon that’s finished in port barrels for delightfully sweet finish. Not what he’s used to, but he’ll love it nonetheless,” writes Esquire.

5. Sleek New Wallet

Most dads have also been carrying around the same beat up leather wallet your mom got him 12 years ago. While there’s nothing wrong with a quality product that stands the test of time, sometimes an upgrade can be nice. Try this Craighill Summit Card Case to spice up his pocket while still being minimal. Men’s Health explains: “Dad’s wallet could probably use a facelift. Go with this sleek card case, which he could use to carry IDs and credit cards or even business cards (because he’s probably still into those).”

MOFT MagSafe wallet
MOFT MagSafe wallet and phone stand

For a more utilitarian option, if he has an iPhone a MOFT MagSafe wallet will keep all his cards right with his phone. According to The Strategist tech writer Jordan McMahon, “MagSafe is one of the iPhone’s best, most underutilized features. This magnetized wallet can attach right to his phone and has a stand that allows him to scroll in portrait mode hands-free.”

For the safety conscious dad, this typecase RFID-blocking wallet from Amazon does it all and is budget conscious. “Have you heard of RFID-blocking wallets? They are equipped with technology that blocks scammers from accessing card numbers from wallets,” explains Good Housekeeping. “Not only does this one offer that safety, but it also has a spot for an AirTag, which means if he ever misplaces his billfold again, he’ll be able to find it quickly.”

6. A Bathrobe

Relaxing after a long day is universal, and there’s nothing better than wrapping up in a cozy robe after a hot shower or bath. Real Simple loves the Dusen Dusen Turf Stripe Bathrobe, explaining that “regardless of whether Dad has an acquired style, the playful stripes and vibrant colors of the Dusen Dusen Turf Stripe Bathrobe will add flair to his daily routine. The 95% cotton terry material is super soft and cozy, and the contrasting colorways are an eye-catching twist on the traditional white bathrobe.”

Men’s Lightweight Waffle Robe
Amazon Essentials Men’s Lightweight Waffle Robe

For a budget pick, Good Housekeeping recommends this Men’s Lightweight Waffle Robe from Amazon, because “Dad might not think he needs a robe, but once he wraps himself in this breathable terrycloth-style, he won’t know how he went all these years without one.”

If you want to splurge on a more luxury pick, the Soho Home Bathrobe is comfy and c neb customized. His current bathrobes might be great, sure, but we can guarantee this one is better,” writes Esquire. “It’s cozy, has a hood, and you can even get his initials on it.”

7. Record Player

It doesn’t matter whether he loves oldies or modern music, any music-lover would appreciate a turntable, which is a unique way to play your favorite music and develop a collection of treasured records. “Vinyl dads definitely need a good record player, and the Audio-Technica one here is a solid choice for those just starting their collection or those who have been collecting for years,” writes Southern Living. “It’s relatively affordable and plays both 45 RPM and 33-⅓ records, and can be connected to a home stereo, computer, and other speakers.”

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Turntable
Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Turntable

GQ loves the Fluance RT81, which has a vintage look: “Just like everything else from his past, vinyl is cool again. And he didn’t hoard those old records for nothing, so let him listen to his oldies the best way he knows how.”

The PRO-JECT Debut Pro turntable delivers rich sound and will look sleek anywhere in the house. “This turntable was rated one of the best last year, so give dad some proper gear to listen to his favorite Beatles, Queen and Rolling Stones records,” writes Glamour.

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