Best SKIMS Dupes: Top 5 Alternatives, According To Fashion Experts

In the world of fashion and shapewear, few brands have garnered as much attention and acclaim as SKIMS. Founded by the iconic Kim Kardashian West, this celebrity-driven brand has managed to transcend mere fashion and become a cultural phenomenon. SKIMS has taken the industry by storm with its inclusive approach to sizing and promise of comfort and quality. That being said, Kim’s collections do come with a hefty price tag. That’s why we have sought out the best SKIMS dupes that are great alternatives to the famous sculpting brand. 

Launched in June of 2019, nearly every garment sold out within minutes of its initial online release. As the co-founder of the brand was none other than Kim Kardashian with her famous figure, it only made sense that customers flocked to the brand. It seems like everything the famed family does is followed by uproar, both good and bad.

However, as with any product bearing the seal of celebrity approval, it’s no stranger to the ever-watchful eye of critics. Celebrity brands like SKIMS have a unique ability to go viral, capturing the hearts and wallets of millions. On the other hand, they invite scrutiny, skepticism, and a relentless search for cheaper alternatives. 

Though some say the hefty price tag is worth the splurge, the market is rich with alternatives that share the same quality and a fraction of the cost. If you want to look “snatched” without breaking the bank, here are five of the best SKIMS dupes to get your hands on. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments. 

SKIMS website and mobile app
SKIMS website and mobile app (Photo by T. Schneider on Shutterstock)

The List: Best SKIMS Dupes, Per Style Experts


1. Verdusa Sleeveless Bodycon Maxi Dress

One of the many viral SKIMS products is a maxi dress with a “body-hugging fit.” Amazon offers a much more affordable version with even more colors to choose from. With a rating of 4.3 stars, this dupe is sure to satisfy. 

Verdusa Sleeveless Bodycon Maxi Dress
Verdusa Sleeveless Bodycon Maxi Dress

This versatile style can be dressed up or down and styled in so many different ways. Crafted from a stretchy, high-quality fabric blend, this dress hugs your silhouette and shows off the curves. The designer silhouette ensures a tailored fit that forms to your figure without feeling overly restrictive. This dress promises to be your go-to choice when you want to confidently flaunt your curves while ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Teen Vogue calls this one a “hot pick.”

“If the $78 SKIMS Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress was on your wishlist, look no further,” says HerCampus. “Verdusa’s dupe is all you need and more.”

Billboard loves this brand’s long-sleeved version as well. “Snag Verdusa’s Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress, which you can sport as the weather cools down. It comes in 11 shades including this dusty blue, as well as hot pink, burnt red, and neutral colors such as black and gray.”

2. SHAPERX Bodysuit

Our next dupe is a sleeveless bodysuit that combines sleek style with functional features. Designed to elevate your confidence, this bodysuit has “tummy control” technology that smooths and shapes your midsection, offering a flawless silhouette for any occasion.

ShaperX Body Suit
ShaperX Bodysuit

The spaghetti straps add sophistication and delicacy to this piece, making it suitable for both layering under outfits or as a standalone garment. The thong design ensures a seamless and invisible look under your clothing. With over 23,000 reviews on Amazon, this dupe has many happy customers. 

“This is a great wardrobe essential because it really has it all: it snatches your waist, acts as a bra, and creates no panty lines,” says blogger Marlene. “It also has adjustable straps and is suitable for all body types.”

Style Caster notes that the compression is comfortable and flattering, but is tailored to suit your specific figure. “It does not feature a compression bra, making it comfy for any cup size,” says Style Caster. “It also has adjustable straps so you can customize the fit to your liking. And, of course, the closure at the crotch eliminates having to completely strip in order to go to the bathroom.”

3. SOLY HUX Short Sleeve Crop Top

Closet basics are a staple for even the most avant-garde fashionistas. This budget-friendly yet style-savvy fitted T-shirt not only offers a comfortable fit but also comes in an extensive range of colors to suit your every mood and occasion. This dupe comes in at about half the price of the SKIMS version and many customers said they don’t even notice a difference in quality.

SOLY HUX Short Sleeve Crop Top
SOLY HUX Short Sleeve Crop Top

With over 20 colors to pick from, this top can be styled for almost any occasion, from a professional work look with slacks to a casual outing with jeans. “Instead of the $52 SKIMS Soft Smoothing T-Shirt, this SOLY HUX dupe comes in the cutest colors,” adds HerCampus. “It’s the perfect wardrobe basic.”

4.  OQQ Square-Neck Romper

This sporty yet stylish romper is a game-changer for those who demand both fashion and function from their workout attire. With its ribbed texture, square neckline, and sleeveless design, this romper strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, making it an ideal choice for yoga sessions, workouts, or casual outings. This Amazon loungewear dupe is budget-friendly compared to Kardashian’s $72 Body Sculpt Onesie. 

OQQ Square-Neck Romper
OQQ Square-Neck Romper

Not only is this romper fashionable, but it’s also functional with “4-way stretch” material to slim your figure, lift your booty, and support your muscles by reducing vibration.

This brand became known for carrying several SKIMS dupes. “My personal favorite is the brand OQQ which sells a variety of clothing items such as workout sets, jumpsuits, shorts, leggings, and tops,” writes blogger Madison Edwards. This brand is her go-to for all SKIMS dupes. 

“We’re big fans of the one-piece,” writers at Elle say. “It’s stylish, sexy, functional, and EASY. Plus, it eliminates the problem of your tee or tank top flopping into your face or riding up with every downward-facing dog.”

5. Verdusa 5-Pack Everyday Bra

Last but certainly not least is an essential for most women: bras. While SKIMS offers one bra for $48, Verdusa offers five bras for less. These dupes are not just any old bra with underwire that’ll eventually poke out and stab you when you least expect it. The style features a seamless and wire-free design that’ll make you feel as good as you look. 

Verdusa 5-Pack Everyday Bra
Verdusa 5-Pack Everyday Bra

The padded and seamless design offers a smooth look under your favorite T-shirts, blouses, or dresses, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. The adjustable strap offers a custom shape and the padding can be removed for a sleeker fit. 

Popular blogger Lauren Erro recommends this dupe. Why? “The material is super soft, they offer wire-free support and they’re super comfortable,” she says. “I also love how many strap options there are. It’s great for when you’re wearing a halter top, or a look-alike bodysuit that has one shoulder exposed.”

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