Best Dupes on Amazon: Top 7 Affordable Alternatives Most Recommended By Experts

Aspiring fashionistas may be tempted to drop a whole paycheck on the next trending designer piece. But what if you could nab the latest eye-catching clothes, shoes, or accessories for a fraction of the price on Amazon? The e-commerce giant itself features some of the best Amazon dupes of high-end products, allowing shoppers to get celebrity styles at everyday costs. 

What exactly is a dupe? These fashionable items will have a similar look and feel to designer handbags or wardrobe staples, but they will not be identical or have logos and trademarks on them. Exactly replicating a designer piece and selling it is illegal, but borrowing inspiration from the shape and color of a popular item is permissible—and is what Amazon dupes attempt to do.

Engaging in fashion trends is rising in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Contrary to the stereotype that people now prefer to live in sweatpants, a study found that 35 percent of Americans polled were more open to trying new styles post-pandemic. Notably, 62 percent of respondents are likely to try a new style if they see their favorite celebrity or influencer wearing it first. And a great way to try out new styles for a fraction of the price is by finding similar trendy pieces on Amazon.

If you are among those looking to try something new in the fashion realm, finding a dupe on Amazon is a great way to save money. Check out our list of the best Amazon dupes. Did we miss a trend you’ve been hoping to find at a discount? Let us know in the comments below!

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The List: Best Amazon Dupes, Per Style Experts


1. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Recently popularized by Hailey Bieber, these retro cat eye sunglasses have become all the rage. As Style Democracy puts it, this is an “if you know, you know” moment for eyewear. Versions designed by Celine and Yves Saint-Laurent come with a steep price-tag, but fashion bloggers who specialize in finding the best dupes recommend this option by Feisedy or this pair by SOJOS.

Amazon FEISEDY Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses
FEISEDY Vintage Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Social media lovers who have seen these sunglasses trending may be surprised to find such an affordable option. The Inventory comments that the YSL shades “are super chic and give off Lady Gaga in House of Gucci vibes. A pair of these would set you back $420. But fear not, there is a $12 solution. The Feisedy dupes are the perfect sunglasses to look instantly classy with little effort.”

Praising the cat eye look, The Gray Details says, “Nothing is more chic and street style than these… However, they are very hard to find.” This is another benefit of going the Amazon route—it’s easier to find the item you want in stock and often in a range of colors.

2. Bamboo “Ark” Bag Dupe

Cult Gaia’s “Ark” Bag put the brand on the map. This is on the lower end of the designer’s styles, but fortunately for the money-conscious, you can get a dupe made by Miuco for a third of the cost. “These bamboo bags are such a great amazon dupe for summer!” says The Gray Details. “Add a scarf or keep it simple.” 

Miuco Women's Bamboo Handbag
Miuco Women’s Bamboo Handbag

Legitimate dupes are a major step up from the days of hitting up Canal Street in New York City. Coming Up Roses writes that Amazon finds like this Miuco bag allow fashionistas to “look the part without paying for it.”

3. Vivienne Westwood Pearl Choker Dupe

Worn by Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, a pearl choker-style necklace made by Vivienne Westwood has been taking social media by storm. With its Saturn-shaped zircon pendant, this accessory stands out a mile but will cost you $240. Luckily, as Her Campus points out, “Fitone offers a similar pearly necklace with the sparkly saturn charm ($14). This is a beautiful jewelry piece for special occasions like formals, weddings, and date nights.”

FITONE Saturn Pearl Necklace
FITONE Saturn Pearl Necklace

The Inventory also recommends this version by Fenldy for under $10. “While it might not be adorned with glass-based Swarovski pearls or golden Preciosa crystals it still shines, especially with a cute deep-cut top or dress.”

4. Gucci Loafers Dupe

Gucci’s loafer mules appeared on the scene in 2017 and have continued to maintain popularity since then. Gucci is an aspirational brand for many, and picking up a pair of one of their most beloved shoes may not be in your budget this year. However, The Summer Lace provides a side-by-side comparison of the original Gucci White Mules and the Amazon dupe, and only the most detail-oriented eye will note the differences. 

Arqa Mules for Women Backless Loafers
Arqa Mules for Women Backless Loafers

The brand also makes a replica of the fur version. The Inventory remarks, “These rabbit fur mule loafers are very fashion-forward and super cute. Handmade with exceptionally soft genuine leather, these are sharp in all 13 colors and designs.

5. SKIMS Bodysuit Dupe

The SKIMS bodysuit has become a surprise staple for those looking to combine tummy control with a versatile everyday piece. The Amazon dupe created by SHAPERX has already become a sensation. Young Hollywood writes, “This bodysuit looks and feels exactly like the Skims version. This product went viral on TikTok with everyone reviewing the $37 bodysuit dupe.” 

SHAPERX Bodysuit for Women
SHAPERX Bodysuit for Women

Similarly, College Fashionista says, “Feeling cozy and comfortable is a number one priority. This dupe will help you do just that.”

Style Democracy adds, “Not only is SKIMS pricing on the higher end when it comes to shapewear but it also can be quite the challenge to even find in stock! This shapewear bodysuit is said to be a great dupe and people even claim that it’s made their too-small jeans fit perfectly!”

6. RayBan Sunglasses Dupe

RayBan is arguably the most recognizable name in eyewear, and their round metal sunglasses have long been a classic. A number of fashion dupe experts have found a more affordable alternate—the only thing they can’t agree on is which version is the best. This version by Sungait comes recommended by Who What Wear, calling the shades “such a classic shape.” 

WearMe Pro Polarized Rounded Hexagon Retro Sunglasses

WearMe Pro Polarized Rounded Hexagon Retro Sunglasses

The Summer Lace vouches for WearMePro’s RayBan-inspired Rounded Sunglasses. Why? “They’re really nice staple pieces that look designer, but are simpler inexpensive designs!”

The Gray Details recommends Krewe as a great source for a number of dupes including these beloved RayBans: “Krewe sunglasses have been on the market for about 5 years and they are another one of my favorites. I found a few dupes in their styles as well.”

7. Dior Saddle Shoulder Bag Dupes

Lastly, Christian Dior’s saddle shoulder bag has become an iconic look that dupe-lovers everywhere hope to find at a price that isn’t in the thousands. Her Campus identifies the Purfanree Saddle Shoulder Bag at $29 as an excellent alternative: “Saddle bags are so horse girl coded, and I’m here for it.”

PURFANREE Women Trendy Saddle Shoulder Bag Clutch Purse
PURFANREE Women Trendy Saddle Shoulder Bag

College Fashionista agrees that “The Vintage Saddle Bag will have you looking chic for any occasion. Whether it’s going out on the town with friends, or even on a date, you cannot go wrong with this luxurious, yet simple purse to fit your belongings. Save the thousands of dollars and purchase a replica with an alternative steal!”

The Summer Lace offers another option from Cozyonme that comes in at only $20. 

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