Here Are The 7 Best Dog GPS Trackers, Ranked

Walking your dog is not always, as they say, “a walk in the park.” Dogs are natural explorers, but some don’t always come when called. So, what do you do when your dog wanders off? Easily locate them with one of the top seven best dog GPS trackers. We’ve compiled a list of those most recommended by experts, so you never have to worry if Fido runs away.

It’s no secret that our dogs mean a lot to us. In fact, seven in 10 dog owners consider their dog their best friend, according to research. If your best friend runs away, you probably can’t track him or her, but luckily you can track your furry best friend with one of the options on our list.

But how do these dog trackers work? There are actually two main types of dog GPS trackers, and their workings differ slightly:

1. Cellular GPS Trackers: These are the most popular type and provide the most reliable and consistent tracking. They work like this:

  • GPS Module: Built into the collar, it picks up signals from orbiting GPS satellites, determining your dog’s exact location.
  • Cellular Connection: The tracker then uses a built-in SIM card to send this location data to the cellular network.
  • App or Website: You access this data through a smartphone app or website connected to the tracker. It then displays your dog’s location on a map in real-time, often with additional information like movement history, geofences, and battery level.

2. Bluetooth GPS Trackers: These offer shorter-range tracking and work best for locating your dog within a limited area, like in your backyard or park. Here’s how:

  • Bluetooth: The tracker acts as a Bluetooth beacon, constantly transmitting a signal.
  • App or Device: You use a smartphone app or a separate handheld device that can pick up the Bluetooth signal.
  • Distance Detection: Based on the signal strength, the app or device estimates your dog’s distance from you, often with directional arrows for guidance.

Additional Features: Many dog GPS trackers come with additional features that enhance their usefulness, including:

  • Geofences: Set virtual boundaries around your home or other important areas. You’ll receive alerts if your dog enters or leaves these zones.
  • Activity Tracking: Monitor your dog’s exercise habits, including steps taken, distance covered, and even sleep patterns.
  • Alert Systems: Be notified if your dog goes missing or wanders too far from you.

Considerations: Choosing the right GPS tracker for your dog depends on your needs and budget. Cellular trackers offer superior range and reliability but may require a subscription fee. Bluetooth trackers are cheaper but have limited range and rely on you being within a certain distance of your dog.

As you train your dog on and off leash, remember that their inquisitive nature may still lead to them running off alone. No worries though, because you can find your canine friend easily with one of the best dog GPS trackers. We have compiled this list of the most recommended trackers across nine different expert reviews. Let us know if we missed one in the comments!

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brown and white short coated small dog running on green grass field during daytime
French Bulldog running happily in the forest (Photo by Bas Peperzak on Unsplash)

7 Top-Rated Dog GPS Trackers to Locate Your Pup

1. Tractive GPS Dog LTE

Tractive GPS Tracker
Tractive GPS Tracker

This tracker was listed among the top choices on every website we researched. It has many great features that dog owners love. Here are just a few of the many benefits experts noted. PCMag likes its convenient and secure attachment to your dog’s collar. They also say that out of all the products they tested, this one had the fastest escape alerts. It also “tracks activity, sleep, and calories.” Plus if you and your dog are a bit competitive, “in-app activity leaderboards” are an added benefit. Have a cat? This tracker will help locate your lost feline friend too (PCMag).

With over 13,700 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Tractive GPS dog collar practically boasts its greatness. It’s the perfect entry point for budget-conscious pet parents, starting at a reasonable price and fitting even tiny pups as light as 8.5 pounds. But affordability isn’t its only claim to fame. Good Housekeeping is a big fan of its live-tracking feature, letting you watch your furry friend’s every move in real-time, unlike some trackers with laggy updates.

Durability? Check. U.S. News reports this tracker is waterproof and built to last, even featuring a tiny but bright light for safe evening walks. And globetrotters rejoice! Tractive boasts worldwide coverage in over 175 countries. Field and Stream loves this feature, highlighting its ability to track multiple dogs simultaneously on your phone app or website, perfect for adventurous packs.

With expert endorsements singing its praises and impressive features like real-time tracking and global coverage, it’s no wonder the Tractive GPS Dog LTE reigns supreme as the top choice for keeping your beloved pup safe and sound. So go ahead, unleash the peace of mind and let Tractive guide you to wagging-tail adventures!

2. FitBark 


If you want to track your dog’s activity as well as their location, then FitBark is the GPS tracker for you. It’s like a FitBit for your canine companion. It earned the title of “Overall Best Dog GPS Collar/Activity Tracker” by Retrievist who notes that “with this tracker, there’s no ongoing monthly fee, so it will cost you less than some other options.”

FitBark’s GPS dog collar earns double honors as a champion of both wanderlusting paws and wagging tails. Not only did Forbes crown it the “Best GPS Dog Tracker That Also Monitors Pet Health,” but it also earned praise from The Spruce Pets for its health-tracking capabilities.

Supported by major cellular networks like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, FitBark keeps you connected to your furry friend wherever they roam. Secure your pup’s collar with this nifty gadget, and let the app become your window into their world. Define virtual fences to safeguard their explorations, and receive instant alerts if their adventurous spirit takes them beyond those boundaries. Even the smallest adventurers (pups as little as five pounds!) can join the FitBark pack.

But FitBark’s magic goes beyond location – it delves into your dog’s well-being too. The Spruce Pets highlights how monitoring your dog’s typical activity levels through FitBark can be a game-changer. Notice sudden shifts in behavior? Use this valuable data to discuss potential lifestyle changes or health concerns with your veterinarian. FitBark becomes your partner in keeping your dog happy, healthy, and on the right track (literally and figuratively!).

3. Whistle GO Explore

Whistle GO Explore
Whistle GO Explore

The name of this next tracker kind of makes sense for an off-leash experience with your dog. They explore and then you have to whistle for them to return. But what if your dog has wandered past where they can hear you? Whistle GO Explore tracker to the rescue. It was acclaimed as “the most durable” tracker by Retrievest and “can be submerged in up to six feet of waterwhich is perfect for any pooch who tends to be tough on collars and trackers while exploring the great outdoors.

Forget the frantic searches and sleepless nights – the Whistle GO Explore tracker has your back (and your pup’s collar!). Dogs can move fast so every second counts when locating your escape artist. Good Housekeeping crowns it the “Best Overall Dog GPS Tracker” for a reason. This wonder-tracker not only keeps you in the loop with your dog’s location every 15 seconds in lost dog mode (unlike sluggish options that take minutes), but its intuitive geofences create multiple personalized “safe zones” that trigger alerts if your furry Houdini ever ventures beyond them.

But Whistle GO Explore doesn’t stop there! As U.S. News points out, its affordability is just the icing on the cake. This collar transforms into a wellness hub, monitoring your dog’s activity, sleep, and even anxiety levels. Think of it as a doggy Fitbit that whispers secrets about your pet’s overall well-being, even alerting you to potential skin and allergy issues. So, relax, explore, and wag with confidence – the Whistle GO Explore is your ultimate leash on peace of mind, one happy tail wag at a time. Whether you choose to let your furry friend run loose in the backyard or at the park, the Whistle GO Explore helps them enjoy their freedom off-leash. 

4. Jiobit Smart Tag

Jiobit Smart Tag
Jiobit Smart Tag (

Peace of mind is knowing your furry loved ones can easily be located if they wander away from your side. The Jiobit Smart Tag isn’t just a dog GPS tracker – it’s a security blanket disguised as a collar charm. PCMag awarded it “Best for Hybrid GPS Tracking,” singing its praises for its multi-layered tracking system that combines cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for unwavering real-time location updates. Lost pup in the neighborhood? No worries. People Magazine loves how the Jiobit tracker displays location on Google Maps, with streets and landmarks, making your search swift and stress-free.

But the perks don’t stop there! The Spruce Pets highlights its multi-user access, allowing your whole family to keep an eye on your furry friend. Its lightweight design and secure clip options ensure comfort and peace of mind for both you and your pup. And, the ability to designate safe zones and individuals, like dog walkers and parks, offers an extra layer of security and personalized care.

With its unbeatable tracking accuracy, user-friendly features, and focus on your dog’s comfort and safety, the Jiobit Smart Tag easily earns its place among our top seven best dog GPS trackers. It’s more than just a tracker – it’s a declaration of unwavering love and worry-free adventures for your four-legged companion. It’s great to know where your pet ran off to, but do you know exactly how to get to their location? With the Jiobit Smart Tag you do.

5. Garmin

Garmin TT™ 15X Dog Device
Garmin TT™ 15X Dog Device

For those with hunting dogs, Garmin is the brand for you. Their various products meet the needs of larger and smaller dogs. When your expeditions lead you and your canine companion into the wild, choose a GPS tracker that can handle the untamed terrain. U.S. News declares the Garmin TT15X their “Best for Outdoor Recreation and Sporting Dogs,” praising its nine-mile range without needing a cellular connection. Picture yourself scaling mountains or trekking through forests, your four-legged explorer confidently beside you, and know you can always pinpoint their location.

The Retrievest echoes this sentiment, recommending the Garmin T5X for its heavy-duty resilience. This tracker is a seasoned adventurer, ready to brave torrential downpours (water-resistant up to 10 meters!) and marathon pursuits (up to 80 hours of battery life!). Even nighttime treks are a breeze with its built-in LED light. So, let your hunting partner chase the thrill with the safety net of the T5X, perfect for those crucial off-leash moments.

And for your smaller adventurers, Field and Stream spotlights the Garmin T5 Mini as the “Best for Small Hunting Dogs.” This compact wonder doesn’t skimp on performance, offering reliable tracking and affordability – ideal for medium-sized hounds. Trust the T5 Mini’s waterproof design and good range to keep your petite explorer within sight, even during spirited chases through the undergrowth.

With Garmin GPS trackers, every outdoor adventure becomes a shared victory, infused with a layer of safety and peace of mind. So, pack your bags, leash up your loyal companion, and embark on breathtaking journeys fueled by unwavering confidence. Let Garmin guide you both, no matter how wild the path becomes.

6. Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag
Apple AirTag

Maybe hunting isn’t your thing, but city life is. The Apple AirTag is a great option for tracking your dog, as long as you have an Apple device. The Apple AirTag might just be the city dweller’s dream dog tracker, earning praise from People Magazine for its simplicity, affordability, and pocket-sized practicality. But before you click “buy,” remember its superpower depends on the concrete jungle. This tracker thrives in areas teeming with iPhone users, relying on a clever network to pinpoint your pup’s location with laser-like accuracy.

So, what exactly does this little tech marvel do? PCMag paints a picture of reliable tracking with a helpful twist: precise location updates, handy directional cues, and even the ability to remotely ping your dog’s AirTag for those “where in the world are you?” moments. And forget replacing the entire tracker when the battery runs low – a simple swap makes it fresh as new.

But the magic goes beyond finding. The Spruce Pets reveals the heart of AirTag’s charm: the “Find My” app. Through its friendly interface, you can locate your dog, trigger a helpful pinging sound, and even set up clever alerts that notify you if your furry friend wanders out of your usual stomping grounds. And get this: Lost Mode turns your community into your search party. Any nearby iPhone detects your dog’s AirTag and sends you their location along with your contact information, making lost pet nightmares a thing of the past.

So, if you’re a proud pet parent in a vibrant city, the Apple AirTag could be your urban guardian angel. Easy to use, budget-friendly, and whisper-light, it’s a perfect tracking companion for city pups and their tech-savvy humans. Just remember, concrete canyons are its forte, so for rural adventures, explore other paw-some options.

7. Petfon

PETFON Pet GPS Tracker
PETFON Pet GPS Tracker

The final contender in our top seven, the Petfon GPS Tracker, snagged the “Best Investment” and “Best for Hiking” titles from People Magazine. While it requires a higher initial investment compared to subscription-based options, its stand-alone performance impressed: it racked up one of the highest overall scores from People Magazine testers.

But what makes the Petfon tick? Through a handy app on your phone, you’ll become your dog’s personal cartographer. See their location in real-time, map out safe zones, and receive instant alerts if they dare to venture beyond those boundaries. Feeling lost in the woods? Not with Petfon! Activate the built-in light (choose from a rainbow of colors!) and ping the device for a helpful sound beacon.

However, keep in mind that Petfon’s magic operates differently. It uses its own radio technology, offering a range of 0.65 to 3.5 miles depending on the area’s density. Think of it as a loyal hiking companion, not a city sleuth. It excels for supervised adventures like walks and hikes, where you wear a controller unit that connects via Bluetooth to your phone’s app. So, if you’re an outdoorsy pup parent prioritizing a one-time purchase and reliable tracking for shared explorations, the Petfon GPS Tracker might be your perfect wilderness co-pilot.

Remember, its strengths lie in the great outdoors, so for urban escapades, consider trackers optimized for bustling cityscapes. Happy exploring!

So whether you’re looking for a way to locate your dog when they’ve escaped your fenced-in yard or gone off exploring on their own while at the park or on a hike, be sure to purchase a GPS tracker to bring them home. Let us know which of our top seven best dog GPS trackers most recommended by experts works best for your canine friend. Have a suggestion for another GPS tracker not on our list? We’d love to hear about it too in the comments below!


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