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One of the unsung heroes of a daily beauty routine is a great pair of tweezers. Tweezers are a lifesaver for plucking out those rogue facial hairs. It’s also a great tool for adding shape and definition to your eyebrows. Not to mention, it’s a go-to item for removing ingrown hairs or splinters from your skin. The best tweezers can get even the smallest of out-of-place hairs without accidentally grabbing your skin in a painful pinch.

Let’s face it, lots of us feel self-conscious about unwanted body hair. No matter how much we pluck and shave, it still grows back. So, what would you give up to have those troublesome areas stay hair-free for a year? A poll of 1,000 women ages 18-34 yields interesting findings. Forty-eight percent of participants would forgo caffeine and not drink coffee for an entire month, while 44 percent say they’d go Netflix-free for thirty days. Another 39 percent would give up sex for a month for the ability to go hair-free for a year, and 38 percent would abandon social media.

What’s the biggest problem area? Seventy-two percent say it’s the bikini line, followed by their armpits (58%) and legs (52%). Other problematic spots? Well, that may depend on your ethnicity. The upper lip in particular was a rough region for 57 percent of Hispanic women, but only 40 percent of Caucasian women and 33 percent of African-American women. The pattern was similar when it came to hand and/or knuckle hair (20%, 10%, 9%).

Regardless of where unwanted hair pops up on your body, choosing the right pair of tweezers can be hard as there is not much setting brands apart. That being said, StudyFinds is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of the five best tweezers from ten expert websites your makeup bag. As always, we’d like to see your own recommendations in the comments below!

Eyebrow tools
Eyebrow tools (Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash)

The List: Best Tweezers, According to Style Pros


1. Tweezerman

Tweezerman is known for making quality tweezers. The brand’s Slant Tweezer is a hit with reviewers. “These stainless-steel tweezers feature slanted hand-filed tips that provide a better grip than most and offer true precision. Translation: You don’t have to pluck at the same hair repeatedly, instead you can remove it in one fell swoop,” according to Essence.

Tweezerman Exclusive Evening Blue Slant Tweezer
Tweezerman Exclusive Evening Blue Slant Tweezer

They work wonders on eyebrows. “The 25 degree slanted tip works against the brow bone to precisely remove hairs with minimal pain,” notes InStyle.

However, they’re not just for plucking brow hair. These “will work in a pinch when you need to perform a little first aid. Not only are the tips of these tweezers sharp right out of the box, but the calibrated tension they offer gives you the precision and control you need no matter what task you are trying to complete,” adds Verywell Health.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Another standout tweezer product is the Precision Tweezers from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Elle crowns these ‘Best Overall’, noting they “are the perfect pick no matter your skill or experience with brow shaping.”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers
Anastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers

“Stubborn chin hairs meet their match in these perfectly-tensioned tweezers,” adds BestReviews. Users like that these slant-tipped tweezers are precise and never need sharpening. Marie Claire points out that reviewers say these are “also great for coarse brow hairs and for nabbing tiny brow hairs as they pop up.” 

3. Revlon

Revlon has been a trusted household brand name for generations. And its tweezers score big points with reviewers. Good Housekeeping calls Revlon’s Expert Slant Tip Tweezer ‘Best Value’, noting “100% of testers strongly agreed that these tweezers did not break hair at the root.” 

 Revlon Expert Tweezer
Revlon Expert Tweezer

Verywell Health suggests, “these sturdy and optimally-sized tools offer the perfect way to pluck stray hairs or remove foreign objects.” However, some reviewers did mention this tweezer may not be as precise as some of its competitors.

Another standout from this brand can help if you have a hard time gripping regular style tweezers. Elle highlights Revlon’s Perfectweeze with Easy Scissor Handle, adding “the scissor-style of these tweezers allows you to have incredible control and grip the hair firmly, perfect for anyone who struggles to press hard enough with traditional tweezers.” Plus, its design allows for both righty and lefty use.

4. Majestic Bombay

Essence calls these affordable surgical tweezers from Majestic Bombay ‘Best Tweezers For Ingrown Hairs’, noting it “features pointed, needle-thin tips that will give you better control and precision while extracting ingrowns and splinters.” 

Majestic Bombay Fine Point Tweezers for Women and Men
Majestic Bombay Fine Point Tweezers for Women and Men

Stylecraze points out these tweezers, “will pluck out the tiniest of hair strands and provide a precise eyebrow shaping experience. The ultra-strong grip ensures that the hair is removed quickly, without any unnecessary yanking or pulling.”

Oprah Daily adds, “reviewers say the stainless steel tool is well-made and extra sharp for better results every time.” If you like a tweezer that’s easy to spot in your makeup bag, these come in multiple bright colors. Although the colorful paint may wear off over time, according to reviewers.

5. Joey Healy

Rounding out our top five, is this Pro Sculpting Tweezer from celebrity stylist Joey Healy. If you are in the market for a professional eyebrow tool, consider it a splurge purchasePeople notes, it’s “stylish, comfortable to hold, and effective at removing hairs. And though a little pricey, they’re made with stainless steel and built to last, so we think these tweezers are worth the investment.”

Plus, this slant tip tweezer has a unique addition. “With a comb on the opposite end, you can separate hairs that need a quick plucking,” according to Good Housekeeping.

“The slanted and pointed tips allow you to be precise or grab multiple hairs at once while the comb on the other end is perfect for styling your arches,” suggests Oprah Daily.

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