Best Golf Shoes For Men: Top 5 Pairs Most Recommended By Pros

When it comes to selecting the best men’s golf shoes, key factors to consider include comfort, stability, and durability. Look for shoes that offer excellent arch support and cushioning to ensure hours of comfortable play on the course. Additionally, prioritize models with sturdy traction to maintain stability during swings and various course conditions, ultimately enhancing your overall golfing experience.

Having the right shoes can make all the difference in the way you experience the game of golf, especially if you’re walking the course. Walking the course allows you to experience the game of golf the way it was intended – and it’s really healthy for you, too. According to a recent study, basic and simple walking can help you live a longer life. Researchers accounted for variables such as lifestyle and behaviours and found a direct correlation between the number of steps you take a day and your overall mortality risk. These findings certainly make the case to ditch that golf cart and walk your next round of golf. 

Besides, as the old saying goes, “golf is just a walk in the park spoiled by a little white ball.” And, speaking of a walk in the park, another study finds that basic everyday activities such as opting for the stairs over the elevator or just walking to work can be as effective for your health as going to the gym. That’s right, researchers in Lisbon, Portugal found that daily activities such as a nice walk in the park can have the same desired impacts on your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory health as those routine gym visits. Basically, the more active you are, the better it is for your heart and lung health – so get out there and walk your next round of golf!

Ready to hit the links? StudyFinds did the research, visiting 10 expert websites to find the best golf shoes for men. As always, feel free to leave us your recommendations for the best golf shoes for men in the comments section below!

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A man teeing off during a game of golf (Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash)

The List: Best Golf Shoes for Men, According to Experts


1. Ecco Biom C4 Golf Shoes 

Narrowing down the top pair of golf shoes for men wasn’t too difficult. The spot goes to the Ecco Biom C4 Golf Shoes for men, which are also available in women’s golf shoes. The Ecco Biom C4 came up across several of the lists we visited in search of the best golf shoes for men. 

ECCO Men's Biom C4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe
ECCO Men’s Biom C4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe

These golf shoes truly offer everything you’re looking for in the best golf shoes for men including support and performance. “One of the most technology-packed spikeless golf shoes we’ve tested this year, the Ecco Biom C4 seriously impressed us with its overall comfort, grip, style and breathability,” writes Golf Monthly.  

Comfort, grip, and style? You can’t ask for much more from a golf shoe. “The Ecco Biom H4 spikeless golf shoe provides excellent traction with MTN grip, offering 3 different zones to enhance comfort, stability and rotational support,” adds Golf

Rotational support is paramount for golfers because it helps them follow through confidently. If you’re looking for a cool and breathable shoe, then these golf shoes are just for you. “The Gore-Tex Surround construction — combined with an exhaust grid with large angled openings that suck in fresh outside air and funnel it towards your foot to keep it cool — results in 360-degree breathability that keeps your feet cool and comfortable for the entire round,” explains Tom’s Guide

2. FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes

The second item to make the list of best golf shoes for men goes to the original name in men’s golf footwear – FootJoy. The FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes or similar FootJoy models littered the lists of best golf shoes for men, and for good reason. These shoes are simple, affordable, and classy for golfers at any level. One thing is for sure, you know you’re getting a solid product. 

FootJoy Men's Pro|sl Waterproof Golf Shoe
FootJoy Men’s Pro|sl Waterproof Golf Shoe

“As for the on course performance, this continues to deliver. The comfort straight out of the box is superb and the sole design is among the best spikeless golf shoes we have worn on the course. It provides all the traction you need, even in wet, wintery conditions,” writes Golf Monthly“The shoes are much more lightweight and breathable than the ‘standard’ Pro SL thanks to the performance material upper, utilizing mesh and using an ultra thin TPU hotmelt top layer. For our money, these look fantastic too.”

These are also an incredibly comfortable line of golf shoes for men from FootJoy. “Aside from their good looks, these shoes have Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) which provides a ton of cushioning. They also offer Dual Density D2 midsoles which support the entire foot and make it easy to walk 18 holes,” explains The Left Rough.   

3. Adidas Tour 360 22 Golf Shoes

Another pair of the best golf shoes for men worthy of top-spot consideration is the Adidas Tour 360 22 Golf Shoes. The exterior of these golf shoes is designed with a combination of leather and waterproof material, making them ideal for any conditions. 

adidas Men's Tour360 22 Waterproof Golf Shoes
adidas Men’s Tour360 22 Waterproof Golf Shoes

“One thing to note about these shoes is that they have a very wide base, which connects you firmly to the ground. This connection is great for adding confidence to an aggressive golf swing. If support, stability and comfort are what you’re after, these top-tier ergonomic golf shoes are a great option,” explains Sports Illustrated

One of the best parts of wearing this shoe out on the course is their style. The style of these golf shoes is reminiscent of the “old-school” Adidas sneakers – white with the iconic three black stripes. 

“This has been Adidas Golf’s iconic flagship shoe model for 17 years — the top-of-the-line kicks that public golfers like us can buy in the identical form as the brand’s Tour staffers wear. And from day one, it’s always been mostly about fit and traction. Even if you’ve worn previous iterations, you will instantly notice with this rendition a more natural fit that offers better stability, better traction, and plenty of comfort,” adds Tom’s Guide

These Adidas golf shoes for men were consistently voted some of the best golf shoes for men with spikes across a few of the expert golf sites we visited. “If you’re someone who prefers traditional spikes, these are great with their SPIKEMORE traction system. Each shoe has six spikes to give you maximum traction and stability on the golf course,” adds The Left Rough

4. True Linkswear Knit II Golf Shoes

A lesser-known brand name, True Linkswear designs some of the highest quality golf shoes for men. The True Linkswear Knit II Golf Shoes are a top choice for anyone looking for a casual golf shoe. 

ECCO Men's Biom C4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe
TRUE linkswear All Day Knit II Breathable Men’s Golf Shoes

“TRUE linkswear is still building up its name in the golf world, and it already has a solid reputation. Its Knit II is an easy-to-put-on trainer with a minimalist design ala Allbirds. The kicks have a such a great look you can get away with wearing them for more casual settings, too,” writes Men’s Health

So, unlike some of the other pairs of golf shoes we’ve covered, these shoes are a little more lowkey and casual. What about performance? “This is the first pair of golf shoes I’ve owned that I’d actually feel completely comfortable wearing in a non-golf setting. They are the epitome of style for a golf shoe. And for as good as these shoes look, they perform remarkably well,” adds Breaking Eighty

Everyone loves these golf shoes for those really hot days when you need something breathable, too. “The True Knit II offers lightweight construction, a sock-fit feel, and exceptional breathability for all-day comfort. These spikeless sneaker golf shoes are versatile for warmer days on the links or everyday wear,” adds Golf

5. Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoes

A name more synonymous with football, the last pair to make the list of the best golf shoes for men are the Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoes. Under Armour is dedicated to producing some of the finest sportswear on the market today, and their golf shoes are a prime example of this company’s passion. 

Under Armour Men's HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoe
Under Armour Men’s HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoe

“You get plenty of stability with this shoe without sacrificing stability, perfect for those with aggressive swings. The slip-and-skid resistance keeps you firmly planted on the ground with excellent traction in almost any condition,” writes Sports Illustrated

These shoes are clearly all about performance and durability. “Under Armour’s HOVR Drive 2 golf shoe is spiked and ready for long-lasting wear. This shoe is entirely waterproof, has a EVA footbed for supportive comfort and the Hovr placement supports how the foot naturally moves during the golf swing and eliminates impact,” explains Golfweek

One thing Under Armour does extremely well is it designs sportswear that considers an athletic movement. “Using ‘stretch’ yarns and ‘lockdown’ yarns combined, the shoe gives you support in the parts of the foot where you need it most, and flexibility elsewhere. There is a tendency in golf to forget that all of our golf swings – no matter where you are on the handicap spectrum – are highly athletic movements, and we need golf shoes to support those movements,” adds Golf Monthly

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