Best Boxed White Wines: Top 5 Summertime Blends, According To Experts

It may surprise you, but there’s no rule that says great wine cannot come from a box. Yes, when boxed wine was first introduced, the quality was subpar, but illustrious craftsmanship over the years has changed that. Now, you can find high-quality boxed wine from well-known brands. And that’s exactly what we did, but for this article we’re zeroing in on the best boxed white wines, according to the experts.

Did you know that your preferred choice of wine says a lot about your personality and preferences? It’s true, research reveals that white wine drinkers, while at gatherings, are likely to be taking pictures and being the life of the party. Those who like white wine also said they’re “indoor people,” and also that they’re night owls. And of the research participants that enjoy white wine, 27% preferred cats to dogs. As far as careers are concerned, white wine drinkers reportedly work in accounting or finance (19%) or engineering and manufacturing (17%). But there’s more, your zodiac sign may also point to a certain type of wine: Geminis (20%), Cancers (13%) and Tauruses (10%) prefer white wine.

Beyond possibly revealing your zodiac sign, career, and personality, your choice of wine also benefits your health in different ways. We’ll stick mostly to the benefits of white wine here, but a bit of good news for both red and white wine drinkers, according to research: Drinking either variety of wine is a better option than consuming beer or spirits. But some additional good news for white wine drinkers, it may improve your bone health. Along with not influencing the growth of visceral fat in the body, study authors found that white wine also appears to provide an additional health benefit — stronger bones! That’s right, the study showed that older drinkers consuming white wine in moderation had a higher bone mineral density than those opting for red wine or beer.

Now that you have an excuse to grab some pinot, we’ve got you covered. StudyFinds compiled a list of the consensus best boxed white wines, according to experts. Of course, we want to hear from you. Which boxed white wine tops your list? Comment below to let us know!

People clinking glasses of white wine
People clinking glasses of white wine (Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash)

The List: Best Boxed White Wines, Per Experts


1. Bota Box Pinot Grigio

If you’ve walked the aisles of a wine store, you’ve seen the boxes lining the shelves, many of which are Bota Box blends. Total Wine writes that this Pinot has “lively aromas of golden delicious apple, ripe pear and fresh spring flowers.”

Bota Box Pinot Grigio
Bota Box Pinot Grigio (

“The hits keep coming from Bota Box with this appetizing, ultra-convenient, eco-friendly packaging, making it easier to take their greatness anywhere,” writes “This vibrant medium-bodied white is light and lacy with crisp peach, citrus aromas and flavors of pineapple and white flowers.”

If you’re still not convinced that boxed wine is a good choice, The Kitchn may be able to change your mind: “While it sometimes gets a bad rap, there are lots of reasons to love boxed wine. First and foremost, it’s super economical…Bota Box 2018 California Pinot Grigio was simply great-tasting, inexpensive Pinot Grigio. It has some nice flavors of ripe pear and crisp apple, bright, refreshing acidity, and a clean finish. The best part is that it wasn’t ‘sticky’ in the slightest, a side effect that I often get from cheaper wines. Overall, it was a perfectly pleasant pinot.”

2. House Wine Chardonnay

House Wine was created in 2004 on the west coast: Walla Walla, Washington, to be exact. Charles Smith wanted to create everyday wines that everyone could enjoy. Since 2004, the brand has expanded and won numerous awards. Now, you’ll find this brand on most liquor store shelves in box, can, and bottle form.

House Wine Chardonnay
House Wine Chardonnay (


Wine Enthusiast writes, “‘If I am in charge of bringing wine to a large gathering, I’m grabbing House Wine Chardonnay. It’s always a crowd pleaser. In my experience, it pairs well with everything from appetizers like vegetables with dip or meats and cheeses, to main courses like hearty salads or something fresh off the grill. Not to mention, there’s always some left over for a nightcap.’ —Kristen Richard, Digital Editor.”

Wine Deals writes that this is “a crisp, juicy Chardonnay with flavors of ripe peach and pear and the perfume of toasted vanilla.” And as far as what foods pair well with this wine, they recommend that it be “served perfectly chilled with grilled seafood, chicken, or any buttery or creamy dishes.”

This Chardonnay is crisp, clean, and fruity, according to Total Wine. They note it has “aromas of creamy apple backed by citrus, with flavors of peach, ripe pear and pineapple on the palate.” They recommend pairing it with shellfish and spring vegetables but go one step further and add sunshine to that list.

3. Schplink! Gruner Veltliner

This is a cool climate white wine that is made in the same areas as champagne. It’s produced in Austria, close to the Czech border, and their motto pretty much says it all: “Tradition in progress – we are where the wine grows.”

“Ms. Saunders of Communal Brands believes boxes are a good intermediate step before, inevitably, we will turn to reusable wine bottles,” writes The New York Times. “Schplïnk is an excellent example of the sort of unpretentious wines that benefit from this packaging. It’s pure and delightful, with the herbal, grassy qualities that can make grüner veltliner so pleasant and refreshing. The grapes come from eastern Austria and are grown organically by Norbert Bauer, a longtime family estate. (Communal Brands, New York).”

Vine Pair writes, “Grüner Veltliner is so fun when it comes in big green liter bottles that are meant for communal imbibing. What’s even better? A box of it! This is a great casual white wine with enough depth to hang with some snacks and enough acidity to hang with just friends and good convo.”

Wine Enthusiast writes, “‘The Schplink! Grüner Veltliner is my go-to box wine to keep in the fridge and bring to parties. The wine is perfectly easy and juicy with classic Grüner apple and grassy flavors. The box itself is bright yellow and looks like a party all on its own.’ —Fiona Adams, Writer at Large”

4. Bandit Pinot Grigio

Bandit is a lesser-known brand that creates eco-smart cartons, smaller boxes of wine that they encourage you to take on your next adventure. This company has conservation in mind, donating one percent of all sales to 1% to the Planet nonprofits. Included are the National Park Foundation and Protect Our Winters.

Food & Wine writes, “Charles Bieler, Joel Gott, and Roger Scommegna, all vintners and founders of Bandit Wines, support the National Park Foundation with a $50,000 donation in honor of the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System.” They recommend that you “Be on the lookout for the National Park-themed tetra paks, where you’ll find bright and crisp tropical fruit flavors with a creamy mouthfeel.”

“Bandit is committed to making delicious wine while preserving the National Parks system,” writes “Not only does Bandit make a tasty pinot grigio, but their packaging makes it easier to have wine-on-the-go, optimal for camping trips and long mountain hikes.” Then you get to celebrate: “And once you reach the summit, you’ll be hit with creamy aromas of peach, apple, pear and lemon. This is semi-dry with a citrus finish. Bring along an almond-rich trail mix for an out-of-this-world pairing.”

Consumer Reports writes, “Lemongrass, a hint of sweetness, and a zesty finish mean it’s unlikely that anyone who generally likes pinots grigios would hate this, but would they go back for more? It’s sold in an unattractive Tetra Pak, a shelf-stable carton that may be made with recycled materials but is difficult to recycle after it’s produced. Like a bottle of wine, it’s good for only a few days after opening.”

5. Black Box Pinot Grigio

You’ve likely seen Black Box wine lining the shelves of your local wine store. This is one of the top brands when it comes to producing and boxing wine. If you also enjoy red wine, they take a couple of spots on our list of best boxed red wine, so you may want to check that out as well.

Made in California, Total Wine writes that this Pinot “expresses lovely aromas of pear and honeydew.” They also note that “juicy flavors of citrus and apples lead to a finish that is bright and delicious.” And as far as food pairings, they recommend chicken, grilled fish, and soft cheese.

Black Box Wines Pinot Grigio [is] “a lovely expression of citrus and apples preceded by aromas of pear and honeydew,” writes Wine Deals. “A wonderfully versatile wine that pairs well with chicken, white fish, oysters, grilled vegetables, and salad.” This is certainly a wine that begs to be drank in the summertime.

Black Box also has a Pinot Grigio in their Brilliant Collection. Tastings notes its “silvery straw color,” and shares that it has “aromas and flavors of peach, lime zest, floral soap, and bubblegum dust with a lean, shy, dryish watery body and a smooth, short finish displaying overtones of peach, pineapple and grapefruit cream soda, green apples, and gardenia.” They note the “soft subtle fruit that lightly brushes the palate; this is a very easy to drink white wine that leaves you refreshed and ready for more.”

Editor’s Pick: Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc

“Once summer kicks in, I toss my trusty red wine aside for a white, and always a Sauvignon Blanc,” says StudyFinds Associate Editor, Sophia Naughton. “This one from Bota Box makes for the perfect crisp, refreshing glass. Plus, it’s affordable and doesn’t go bad in a few days like an open bottle.”

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